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Recycling a chance to revolutionize the food industry

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Recycling a chance to revolutionize the food industry

Recovering 100% of the materials used in packaging is possible. This has been proven by Usagi’s Project Toddler. The discovery is a chance for a green revolution in the food industry

What does the Maluch project consist in?

It is very difficult to recycle all the materials used to make containers or bags. Usually paper can be recycled, but recycling plastic or aluminum is very difficult. Usagi has made a contribution to improving this process

Project Maluch consists in using microwave technologies in industry to recycle aluminium from multi-material packaging,” Monika Świerc points out in an interview with Newseria agency.

The project is a breakthrough in terms of packaging processing. Another big advantage is that the whole installation is emission-free and energy-efficient.

The key innovation is the fact that we managed to scale the microwave technology so that it can be used in heavy industry,’ Monika Świerc argues.

As a result, the packaging processing can be applied on a wider scale. It will enable better waste management, the whole project may lead to the reduction of illegal landfills and ecological bombs


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