Chip shortage – which industries will suffer the most?

Chip shortage – which industries will suffer the most?
Darrius Drew
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Despite predictions, the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified demand for electronics instead of reducing it. Manufacturers can’t keep up with device production, and the chip shortage is a major problem for them

With a shortage of chips on the market, many electronics manufacturers are stopping production. The problem has also affected the automotive industry, where extended waiting times have led to higher car prices

Who will suffer, who will gain?

Despite predicted declines related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the electronics industry made record profits last year. Forced to work from home, people bought monitors and computers. At the same time, they sought entertainment in the world of media and games in their spare time

The coronavirus pandemic brought a curtailment in the production of factories uncertain of further developments in the epidemic and its impact on business. Supply chains broken during the first wave of the pandemic are difficult to rebuild and return to full capacity

Integrated circuits are produced for LCD displays in laptops, monitors and televisions. Today, they are also used in the home appliance industry, such as in the manufacture of smart refrigerators. The automotive industry uses them for displays that have been installed in cars for many years. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are having trouble getting their devices into stores.

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