Ecology in construction – is it possible?

Ecology in construction – is it possible?
Darrius Drew
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Ecology is extremely important nowadays. The climate catastrophe is advancing, therefore we must constantly look for the most environmentally friendly solutions. This necessity also applies to the construction industry? But is it even possible? See what eco-friendly alternatives are used in construction.

Reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions

Air quality in Poland cries for vengeance to heaven. Due to smog and air pollution as many as 46 thousand people die in our country every year. These are frightening statistics which show that taking care of the quality of the air we all breathe. Unfortunately, most of the construction equipment and machinery, is powered by fuel. The way to at least a little reduce fuel consumption and emissions into the atmosphere, you can invest in oil-free compressors. These are just as efficient as traditional models, but they are much more environmentally neutral. By making this change in your construction company, you are investing in your future, your children’s future and your grandchildren’s future. This proposition really pays off!

Photovoltaics – a way to save the planet and save money

Surely you know what solar panels are. They allow you to take energy directly from the sun, convert it into electricity and, as a result, power virtually your entire household with sunlight. This is not only a huge savings (installation of photovoltaic panels can save up to 90% of the amount of electricity bills), but also a huge ecology. It is not a well-known fact that power plants emit into the atmosphere huge amounts of greenhouse gases, dust and pollution. Solar panels practically do not take up any space. you can install them on the roof of your house or, for example, on a parking shed. You can find and order such services at How to use photovoltaics in the construction industry? After all, construction vehicles need roofing and protection! On the carport you can install panels, and the energy they produce, you can successfully use, for example, to charge tools and equipment

Why be eco?

Thinking eco and making ecological modifications pays off! The European Union has introduced the so-called White Certificates. These are property rights issued by the Energy Regulatory Office, which can be obtained for various projects aimed at improving energy efficiency. White Certificate has a value of one tonne of oil equivalent saved. It can be traded on the Polish Power Exchange

White Certificate can be obtained, among other things, for the replacement or modernization of: thermal insulation of the building, external or external lighting of the building, boiler house, installation equipment and group and individual heat substations using equipment and technology with higher energy efficiency. There are many more routes to obtaining such a certificate.

Ecology has become not a choice, but a necessity. In the face of the catastrophe we are all witnessing, solutions for positive changes must be sought. The building and construction industry is an area where there is still a huge scope for change. A lot of plastic and microplastics are still produced in construction work, which pollutes the environment. However, there are ways to minimize the amount of trash produced as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to implement them!

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