How do I degrease the walls before painting?

How do I degrease the walls before painting?
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When renovating or refurbishing your home, it is worth following the advice of professionals. Proven methods will make the effect of our work better and more durable. Therefore wash walls before you paint them

Why is it so important?

If you have already chosen paint color, it is time to wash the walls, apart from securing the apartment with painter’s foil and masking tape. Paint applied on a washed wall has better adhesion and its coating is more durable. This affects aesthetics, as the wall surface is covered evenly

Painting soap – easily available and inexpensive

The easiest way to wash walls is to use painting soap. This is an inexpensive and readily available product that you can buy at a home improvement store or chemical supply store. You should get it wherever paint is sold. It has the consistency of a paste that, when diluted with water, you apply to the wall with a wide brush, known as a “bench” brush

You wash the wall with a damp cloth and wait for it to dry. Fortunately, in summer it is warm, so you can open the windows wide – this way the wall will dry much faster than if you did it in autumn or winter. Only when the surface is dry, you can start painting. In case of heavy dirt, repeat this process twice

Paint soap not only for walls

You can also use the soap to clean floors that are covered with paint or glue. You can also use it to clean furniture and tools. Sometimes paint manufacturers recommend the use of special paints that strengthen the surface and insulate the walls from dirt

Safe for you and ecological

Paint soap is completely safe for both people and the environment. It does not contain admixtures of fragrances or coloring substances. Thanks to its alkaline reaction, it prevents the formation of fungus on the walls. Wall cleaners are also available on the market, but these products are more expensive

Solvent no. Grey soap yes

Remember not to clean walls with solvents, gasoline, or thinners, which in most cases are not degreasers. Instead, you can use gray soap, which is effective and will help you remove dirt from the walls

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