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Demand for coal is growing, analysis shows

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Demand for coal is growing, analysis shows

According to the research of GlobalData company, world coal production in 2021-2025 will oscillate at the level of nearly 9 billion tons. India will have the largest share in the production of this raw material

Despite a decrease in demand for coal in 2020, which amounted to 3.5% in the first quarter and almost 6% in the second quarter, we can expect an increase in coal production in the coming years. GlobalData – one of the largest companies dealing with data analysis forecasts that within the next four years the production of coal will increase by 2.3% annually, which means that in 2025 it will amount to 8.8 billion tons (7.6 billion tons of hard coal and 1.2 billion tons of coking coal)

India will produce the most (1.2 billion tons in 2025), followed by China, Indonesia, Australia and South Africa, whose total output is expected to reach nearly 5.5 billion tons in 2025. In the case of China alone, this growth will be around 2.5%. It appears that the slowdown in the coal market caused by the coronavirus has quickly become history and we can expect a significant rebound in the near future.

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