Aggregate for flooring – how to choose?

Aggregate for flooring – how to choose?
Darrius Drew
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This device, otherwise known as a mixologist, significantly facilitates and speeds up the process of pouring floors. It can be used in construction of a detached house as well as an industrial hall.

Why mixologist?

Traditional flooring construction has many disadvantages. For example, hand leveled floor will always have some imperfections. In addition, the time that has to be waited between the pouring of the floor and the laying is also prolonged. This in turn affects not only the final completion date

Flooring exposed to sunlight for a long time can simply crack. You should also remember about proper use of expansion joints and proper consistency and compaction of the concrete mixture. If this is not maintained, problems can be encountered when trying to spread it evenly. As you can see, there is a lot that can go wrong. The use of a mixcrete mixer can make this issue much easier. How does this device work and what to look for when choosing one?

Construction and application

In its appearance, it resembles a smaller or larger trailer. However, this is a fully comprehensive device. Its first task is to prepare the right consistency of the concrete mixture obtained. It is poured earlier into a special feeder, from which it gets into the mixing chamber. Then, with the use of a pressure pump it is directed to the so-called hose which is to distribute the obtained mixture evenly over the whole surface. It is then additionally leveled with the help of extremely precise laser levels and patches

The last stage of work is mechanical troweling of the floor. It makes the floor perfectly even and more resistant to abrasion. What is more, thanks to lower water content the concrete sets half as fast. Then, it is possible to start laying floors already three weeks after finishing the screed. It is worth noting that no levelling compounds or self-leveling screeds are needed. The average range of this device is 150 meters horizontally and 80 meters vertically. The mixer can therefore be used even for large-scale projects, and it can work at heights of even several floors

Is it worth it?

The most important factor that many entrepreneurs will take into account when choosing a flooring mixer is, of course, the price. After all, this is quite an expensive investment, and the prices of these devices reach two hundred thousand zlotys. Whether it is profitable depends on the number of floors performed by a given company. For calculations it should be assumed that the aggregate lays an average of five cubic meters of floor per hour. It is more efficient than manual flooring, and thus can turn out to be more profitable.

Diesel or electric mixologist

Another thing to consider is the choice of engine used in the device. On the market you can find both models with a combustion engine and an electric motor. The latter, in turn, can be powered from the mains or from a generator set. The type of engine is very much related to the preferences of a particular entrepreneur. Therefore, there are no rigid rules to follow.

Brand and quality

As with any other device, the quality of the floor generator is extremely important. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is best to bet on the goods of proven manufacturers. This will guarantee perfect evenness and high durability of poured floors.

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