What is laser cutting?

What is laser cutting?
Darrius Drew
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If you are wondering how to get precise and smooth wood shapes and decorate them with any designs, then laser wood cutting and engraving comes with the answer. In this article you will learn what types of wood are suitable for laser cutting and what exactly this service entails.

How does the laser work?

Increasingly popular is the laser wood cutting. Precision cutting in wood is done with a CO2 laser, which allows you to make all kinds of shapes and inscriptions in wood. These can be plaques, invitations, intricate graphic designs, frames, enclosures, packaging and three-dimensional figurines and houses

With a laser machine, you can also cut and engrave wood products such as toys, souvenirs, arts and crafts, wedding and holiday decorations, architectural models, as well as inlays and marquetry. Wooden pieces will work well as ornaments or gifts, and personalized decorations will find use in any home. Wooden ornaments can also be an ingenious way to promote your business if you give them to your clients and customers or place them in your office.

How do I benefit from our service?

Professional laser wood cutting allows us to translate the customer’s design with a high degree of accuracy into wooden components. In order for a company to quote a design, you will need to provide a file in DXF, DWG, or PDF format or have the design made in-house. Most companies, which have in their offer laser cutting for woodhave their own material and do not expect delivery from the customer

Pricing for the project depends primarily on the complexity of the model, the thickness of the plywood and the number of elements. It is much more profitable to place wholesale orders – larger production batches are cheaper than ordering a single model. You can also use additional services, such as assembly or packaging of cut models. There is also the possibility of removing plywood dirt after cutting.

Why should you choose the laser?

Wood is a natural material that always looks elegant, timeless and durable. Unlike plastics it will never go out of fashion. Customers usually choose dry birch plywood with a thickness of 3 mm, because this type is easy to process and cheaper than other materials

The market offers plywood of different thicknesses and made of different types of wood. The latest generation technology allows for high precision cutting and engraving, and the type of glue used in plywood usually does not affect the processing. However, keep in mind that it is the thickness of the plywood that can affect the cost of cutting and the turnaround time

Solid wood panels, primarily oak, maple, or walnut, are also used for engraving and cutting with a CO2 laser. It is worth noting that the structure of the wood is highlighted in the engraving areas, which creates a visually interesting effect. Although the more uniform the color and structure of the wood, the better and more uniform the engraving effect, uneven color distribution is often a delight and emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood. When processing with a laser, it’s important to note that different types of wood have different characteristics in terms of density and resin content, which then translates into the cutting and engraving process.

Main photo: Thaï Ch. Hamelin/ChokdiDesign/unsplash.com

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