What is Factory Production Control?

What is Factory Production Control?
Darrius Drew
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Implementation of factory production control is a rather lengthy process, but it is particularly important and even required by law. Find out what exactly is Factory Production Control and what are the stages of its implementation.

What is Factory Production Control?

FactoryProduction Control, or in short Factory Production Control, is nothing else than a production quality management system. It is an extremely important element of the activities of a manufacturing company, because the uniform monitoring of production processes within a given organization is extremely important to ensure the stability of production and guarantee compliance of product features with the technical specification declared by the manufacturer

The elements of ZKP include, among others, the supervision of personnel associated with production, supervision of equipment, i.e. machinery and equipment used for measurement and inspection of products, supervision of the design process, supervision of materials that are used in production, supervision of the technical specification of manufactured structures, supervision of the process of assessing the performance of the product and supervision of the process of dealing with nonconformities

All these elements should be properly described and documented. Such a set may take the form of the so-called Quality Book, but the naming is arbitrary. However, in such a book all the procedures and instructions describing in detail the processes mentioned above must be included.

How to implement ZKP in your company?

You already know what Factory Production Control is but how to implement it in your production plant? You should start by creating a checklist with all the requirements of this system. Then, on the basis of such list, conduct an audit in your company

This will allow you to see which elements work according to the system requirements and which need to be changed. The data obtained in this way will allow you to create specific procedures. Remember, however, to conduct such an audit very carefully – you need to catch all the inconsistencies in order to eliminate them. Then it is also worth creating a kind of organizational chart, i.e. a hierarchy of people responsible for the implementation of changes and for the general supervision over the system.

When everything is already precisely planned, you should proceed to the implementation of procedures in your company. It is worth starting with the training for supervisory personnel, because they must be familiar with the applicable regulations, i.e. norms and regulations. Separate training in documentation will also be necessary. Production workers should also be trained.

After all these trainings you should proceed to the production of a prototype, i.e. a sample component, typical for the production profile of your company. Then such a prototype must be evaluated according to the standard. If the results of such test are positive, you can consider that the process of implementation of ZKP passed successfully.

However, this is not the end of the process as certification will also be necessary. A notified body must be chosen to carry out a so-called initial inspection of the plant. After a positive result of the preliminary inspection, the unit will give you a certificate of factory production control, which will then be used to certify your products. Remember, however, that even after obtaining such a certificate, you must ensure the constancy of performance of your products. This means that it is necessary to document the efficiency of the factory production control system and positive results of supervisions.

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