On what to display the store goods?

On what to display the store goods?
Darrius Drew
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The basis for encouraging a potential customer to buy is to make a positive impression on him. To achieve this, the goods must be displayed in an appropriate manner. Important is the way it is laid out and what it will be placed on. In this article we suggest how to expose the store goods.

Universal furniture for the store

Choosing the right store equipment can be quite a problem. It is important how many racks will be needed, how they will be spaced and what type of them we decide on. A lot depends on the type of business you run. It is not always the case that universal shelving will work, but there are some pieces of furniture that will be a good solution.

For example, system furniture, which is shelving that allows for modularity and customization to fit the space of the store, will be an excellent option.

Types of store furniture

Manufacturers offer many types of store furniture. Below we present only some of them, but all proposals are aimed at the proper display of goods and encouraging potential customers to buy. Best-line has in its offer all presented furniture.


Among the most popular we should mention shelves. They are most often produced as modular constructions enabling flexible, optimal arrangement in the store. Racks can have wall systems, gondola systems or hanging shelves. Regardless of their construction, shelving units are currently made of very durable and robust materials.

Display units

It is a part of store equipment, which is used to expose smaller goods in particular. Jewelry of different kinds, such as rings, bracelets and watches, is usually placed on display units. Models vary from open and closed trays, through trays to busts. Each one is adapted to the goods on display.

Tubular-ball system

This is the perfect solution for clothing stores. This system is a modern solution that provides a very good display of goods. It consists of racks and stands. You can easily present clothing and other accessories thanks to it.

Custom-made store furniture

For more demanding entrepreneurs and to author’s stores the best solution will be furniture made to order. Thanks to this, the appearance of the project is matched one hundred percent to the requirements of the customer. Here more attention is also paid to design. Often the result of such work are elements of store equipment, which not only properly display the goods, but also attract attention in themselves. This is also a good solution for stores that are not dimensional.

Quality of materials

Regardless of the type of store furniture, it is also worth paying attention to how it is made and what materials are used. Most often wood and metal, which are durable, will work well. Besides, it is easy to keep them clean.

Exposition of goods is the key to success

Well-chosen store furniture is a big part of success, but equally important is the placement of goods on it. There is no universal method for good placement, but when preparing it is worth considering the needs of customers first and foremost. This means that there should be goods next to each other that are related in some way.

It should also be taken into account that customers often reach for products located at the end of the shelf, at the intersections of the aisles and at the cash registers. This is where it makes sense to place special offers. Promotional products are also good to place at eye level so that they catch the eye first.

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