RES – how to use it in your company?

RES – how to use it in your company?
Darrius Drew
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Ecology was once considered an unnecessary invention. Today, probably no one is surprised by the photovoltaic panels on the roof. So what can a company do to be eco-friendly?

Although coal and oil will remain with us for many more years, not a week goes by without hearing about pro-ecological activities. Poland also joins the race for a green planet, but unlike many countries it does not attack entrepreneurs with fines for using dirty energy. In spite of this, nothing stands in the way of making steps towards using renewable energy sources. What’s more, it can even pay off.

First of all, lower costs

Electricity, although it is a common and even essential thing, costs money. Unfortunately, there are constant threats of ever-increasing prices. This trend seems to be accelerating and, for now, there is no hope for the situation to stabilize.

The cost of investing in renewables is high, but the payback is quick, and using energy from the sun has virtually no additional costs. In addition, the periodic costs associated with servicing and maintaining the infrastructure are fixed and easy to predict

Right now is the best time to decide to build a RES power plant. The European Union is putting more and more emphasis on reducing the burning of coal and oil. As a result, there are many non-refundable subsidies as well as cheap loans to encourage investment in green energy. This is worth considering while politicians are still willing to support such measures

Large businesses require a lot of energy to operate. This translates into a sizable infrastructure, and thus the production of quite a bit of electricity. Any surplus of electricity can be stored in the grid and even when it is difficult to obtain eco electricity (for example at night or during cloudy days), we will obtain it from the power plant for free. This offers the prospect of really cheap electricity.

Renewable energy sources also give a guarantee that we will have electricity all the time. Independence from power plants is a very important detail. Many companies have to count huge losses in case of lack of electricity, for example because of stopping the production line or turning off fridges and freezers. Using RES, you can sleep well without worrying about a sudden lack of electricity.

Being eco-friendly improves your image

More and more people are paying attention to the destruction of the environment. They are also consumers who need to shop and use services. It may be that a person who does not pay attention to the way of production will buy our product, but one who cares about a cleaner environment will choose a product from a competitor

In addition, the consumer market has long been trying to reduce the environmental impact of their actions and find out how the products they buy were created. This makes it possible for a company’s renewable energy strategy to positively impact the perception of the company

Companies that can’t afford to produce their own clean electricity can also benefit from it. All thanks to EKO offers that are offered by some energy retailers. If a company chooses this kind of offer, it receives a guarantee that the electricity it uses has not been obtained from coal, but from electricity suppliers who have obtained it from RES.

A special certificate, which confirms that the energy was purchased from a producer that uses renewable energy sources, gives us certainty about the purity of obtained energy. Thanks to this, the company can boast without any fear that the future of the earth is not indifferent to it. In addition, thanks to this certificate, the company can get better access to EU subsidies.

Renewable energy sources are undoubtedly the future of the economy. Inevitably, eventually everyone will start using eco electricity. In addition to environmental benefits, there are also undoubted benefits for the company in the form of lower costs and easier planning. Therefore, it is worth considering whether it is not better to start looking now for the opportunity to use what nature can give us.

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