The problem in the professional driver market. What licenses do you need to get?

The problem in the professional driver market. What licenses do you need to get?
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Even though there are plenty of trucks on the road, professional drivers are in demand in the market all the time. So what do you need to do to apply for a job behind the wheel?

No way without a passenger car

In order to apply for a license for vehicles with a maximum permissible weight exceeding 3.5 tons, we must first pass a driving test for category B, i.e. for passenger cars. This course consists of 30 hours of theory and 30 hours of practice. After completing the course, you must first pass a theory test and then practice on the road and in traffic.

The next step is to apply for a category C driving license. People who are not yet 21 years of age must obtain a certificate of professional competence after the initial qualification before taking the course. Such a person will be able to drive on regular lines that are less than 50 km in length after obtaining the license

Also necessary for each candidate is a medical and psychological certificate, stating that there are no contraindications to driving trucks. After completing the course, as in the case of category B, you must pass a state theoretical exam, and then practical on the square and in traffic

There remains one last item to obtain, that is category C + E, which authorizes to drive trucks with heavy trailers, for example, tractor units with semi-trailers (popularly known as tira). C+E course consists only of practical classes, where the student learns to drive and maneuver a vehicle with a trailer.

If you are thinking about transporting passengers by bus, you must be at least 24 years old. Training for this type of vehicle consists of theory and practice, with the distinction that with category C, the trainee must undergo 40 hours of driving, and with category B these hours must be driven 60.

Driving license is not enough

To be a professional must also complete the above-mentioned course of initial qualification or pre-qualification course accelerated. The former is for people under 21 years of age and takes 280 hours. The accelerated pre-qualification course takes half as many hours. After completing the course, you will have to pass an examination, which requires you to answer a majority of questions correctly

The obtained Vocational Qualification Certificate must be confirmed at the Department of Transport, where code 95 will be added to the driving license.

You should also remember that professional drivers are required to renew their certificate of qualification every 5 years. If you fail to do so, your entitlement will be lost until you renew it. Updating the certificate involves taking a course and providing medical and psychological examinations. The completion of the course is equivalent to the renewal of qualifications, there is no need to pass an exam.

You can improve your qualifications all the time

In order to increase your chances on the labour market and your salary, every driver can take ADR training. The ADR licence allows you to transport materials classified as dangerous in domestic and international transport. The basic training can be taken even if you only have a category B driver’s license

The ADR course consists of a basic and a specialised part. Then you have to take an examination in the form of a test. ADR certificates are recognized in all European countries

Hazardous materials are not the only option. You can also apply for a HDS (hydraulic truck crane) license. Such a course entitles you to transport goods and load them on your own. The license is obtained after passing an exam.

Earning as a professional driver

Working as a professional driver, earnings vary depending on many factors. Of course, international drivers will earn the most. Earnings of such a person is on average 8700 PLN gross, while a driver who travels only in Poland, can count on average earnings of 6400 PLN gross. A person with a category C license can count on average earnings of 5400 PLN gross

In turn, bus drivers, on average, can earn about 6000 zł gross, and those driving city buses about 4600 zł gross.

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