What will help improve customer communication?

What will help improve customer communication?
Darrius Drew
Software and IT
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Efficient communication with customers is extremely important in running any business. There are ways in which you can not only streamline this process, but also significantly improve it.

Inherent in communication is the fact that mistakes and misunderstandings can happen. As an entrepreneur, however, you need to make sure that they happen as little as possible. Technology will be helpful in this, as it is increasingly enabling a good flow of information between the company and the customer.

Modern telephone exchange

If you run a company, which has an extensive customer base or has them outside Polish borders, SIP trunk (Session Initiation Protocol) will be good. It is a service consisting in multi-channel transmission of voice connections via a virtual channel (trunk). The effect of introducing such a solution is the possibility of making several dozen calls at the same time. SIP is based on VoIP telephony and gives you the possibility of having a foreign number, without exposing the foreign customer to high costs – when he calls, charges are levied according to national rates.

An alternative solution can be a Virtual PBX. It has such functions as call queuing or call announcements. Thanks to this, you can properly greet the client and inform them when they can count on contacting a representative of your company. By introducing this kind of PBX to your company, you will improve the communication with contractors. The client will receive by means of it information concerning e.g. the status of an order (if you run an online store) or a request.

Introducing a hotline

Telephone contact gives the client a quick solution to his problem. They can be sure that the company has received their message and they can discuss their concerns with an employee in more detail.

Remember to always let customers know what hours they can call the company’s hotline. If it’s not 24/7, set up a voice system to let customers know what they can do during hours when your employees are not available.

Call back option on the website

Allows you to call back, free of charge, a person who has left a contact number on your company’s website. This way you can establish a relationship with a potential customer from the very beginning, who may not be fully convinced why it is worth using the services you offer. It’s also convenient for the customers themselves, who don’t always like filling out unnecessary contact forms or communicating through emails.

Contact personalization

This is important at every stage of cooperation, especially among those clients who have been with you for many years. Create a contractor database where communicators can quickly verify a customer’s number or email address and match it to a specific person. Writing personalized messages, where, for example, you will include information about a new offer of your company or interesting bonuses, will make the customer feel distinguished and will have a sense that the company cares about him, not treating him impersonally.

There are platforms available on the market dedicated to quick sending of personalized e-mails, the content of which can be adjusted to the age of the client and the previous cooperation.

SMS messages

If the client agrees, you can send him text messages that he can read faster than those sent by e-mail. Remember that they should be short, specific and encourage direct contact with the company. You can use them to inform the client, for example, about the status of their order, whether a complaint has been accepted, or whether the client is entitled to any discounts.

When contacting a client try to avoid sending mass messages. Remember that even though technology makes communication more efficient, its careless use may result in the client becoming discouraged with you. Therefore, introduce all the methods gradually, analyzing which of them customers respond best to. This way you will get a full picture of efficient communication.

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