COVID vaccination in your company. What conditions must be met?

COVID vaccination in your company. What conditions must be met?
Darrius Drew
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The National Vaccination Program against COVID-19 is definitely accelerating. The government is giving companies the opportunity to carry out the campaign as well. Find out what requirements you need to meet to be able to vaccinate your company’s employees

Vaccination in the company – the requirements

If you want your company to take part in the vaccination program, you have to meet certain requirements. First of all, you must register your company. You can find the necessary form on the website of the Government Security Centre. Before you submit it, however, you need to organize the entire process in your company. The most important elements of this program are finding a suitable facility that will perform the vaccinations and a sufficient number of people willing to receive the vaccine

As we just mentioned, in order to participate in the program it is necessary to find a suitable organization that will perform the vaccinations. These include Health Care Providers. And it is from getting along with the right facility that you should start. In your application, you must indicate which organization will perform the vaccination, so you must make arrangements with them in advance. In addition, the facility must vaccinate everyone within a maximum of 5 days

Who can participate in the vaccination?

An important assumption of the program is the number of people who will participate. You must gather a minimum of 300 willing people, there is no upper limit. If you are worried that you will not find so many willing employees, nothing is lost. Admittedly, the program is aimed at companies and it seems logical that employees should take part in it, but you can also include volunteers who are otherwise connected to the company. These include, for example, people from trade unions and industry associations, associates, and family members of employees

When will the program start?

If your company meets the requirements mentioned above, you can apply to the program. Registration has been open since May 4. The pilot program will start already on May 17, and from June 1 regular vaccinations will be possible. The order of allocation of the pool of preparations is determined by the order of applications to the program

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