Bar types and applications

Bar types and applications
Darrius Drew
Construction/Manufacturing and machinery
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Bars are an inseparable element of every construction site. It would be impossible, even to strengthen the concrete structure or create steel fences, gates, and even bridges without the use of rods. So find out what types are available on the market and what other applications they have.

Division of bars by cross-section, material and strength

The most popular division of bars is based on their cross-section. There are four types of rods: round rods, square rods, rectangular rods, or so-called straighteners and hexagonal rods. Bars can also be divided according to the method of production. So we distinguish between rolled bars and drawn bars. In the case of rolled bars the metal processing is done in special rolling mills, and the bars get their shape by longitudinal rolling. In the case of drawn bars, the metal is pulled through a special hole in a tool called a drawing die. If any blemish appears on the bars, an additional treatment is usually applied – The most common is grinding or peeling

What else to look for when choosing the right rods? First of all, the material from which they are made is important. Most often rods are manufactured from steel and are additionally galvanized. Also pay attention to the strength class – it is important that they are resistant to external factors and corrosion. This is especially important if they are used as fasteners or parts of steel structures. If you want high strength, which will go hand in hand with easy and quick assembly, then you will certainly be interested in threaded rods m14. If, in addition, you are looking for a solution that will secure theft-prone elements and improve the quality of fastening, it is also worth choosing rivet nuts, for example those available at

Properties of steel bars

The most durable and most popular on the market are steel bars. What are their properties? First of all, steel bars are characterized by high strength and resistance to weathering and corrosion. Thanks to this they have the widest range of applications in construction. When buying, however, it is worth checking their marking. There are, in fact, as many as 5 types of rods: A-0, A-I, A-II, A-III, A-IIIN, where the first indicates the lowest strength class, and the last – the highest.

Application of bars

When it comes to the application of bars, they are used primarily in construction. The most common application is reinforcement of concrete and strengthening of individual structures such as footings, sides or foundation walls, which provides them with greater resistance and stiffness. In this case, round bars, smooth bars or reinforced concrete bars work well. Bars, especially square, are also used to make steel structures such as gates, fences, balustrades, trusses. The Eiffel Tower, among others, is built from such a truss, i.e. a structure connected by joints. This method is also used to build power poles and supporting structures in the construction of roofs of halls in industrial facilities. Bars, for example, the rectangular ones, i.e. straighteners, are also used for the production of various types of industrial machinery.

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