Signage that must be included in an industrial building

Signage that must be included in an industrial building
Darrius Drew
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An industrial building is a place where strict compliance with health and safety regulations is necessary. Otherwise, the industrial hall, factory or warehouse will be dangerous places for workers. An industrial space should be systematized with appropriate signage. See what signs must be in such a building, and in which areas to place them

Signage in the machinery park

In a factory, there is no shortage of huge machines, which may be operated only by persons properly trained to do so. The entrance to the machinery park must be specially marked, so as not to create dangerous situations for unwanted people

In addition to the entrance to the machine space, each robot station should be named, marked, for example, with the name and purpose of the machine at the station. Specialized and general signs should be located at a distance from the object and their graphic form should meet the designated standards and be visible from a distance. The signs must also be legible and both the font and colors on the signs must be chosen so that they can be read from a reasonable distance

Signage in the warehouse space

A warehouse is a space where many things can go wrong. There are a lot of goods, heavy loads at great heights, and in between all of that, there are workers scrambling around and forklifts driving around. This space needs to be properly marked and secured so that no unauthorized person has access to it

Racks, shelves and cupboards must be stable, reinforced and fixed to the ceiling and floor or walls of the warehouse so that they do not wobble and pose a danger to people in the vicinity. You can buy sturdy cupboards with additional protection against opening at

Marking of hazardous areas and substances

Every workplace should have a cupboard or a whole room where chemicals, machine care and cleaning products are kept. Places where such chemicals are kept, no matter if it is toilet fluid or copper grease, there must be signs on the door of the cabinet or special locker to inform and warn what is inside

This is not only important for the cleaning and maintenance crew in the warehouse, production hall and machinery, but also for other employees who might accidentally come across substances that are hazardous to themselves. Contact with the corrosive substance contained, for example, in industrial cleaning fluid, without proper clothing, gloves or goggles can end with burns to the skin and respiratory system and damage to the eyes.

If you want to make sure your employees are safe, make sure all lockers, cupboards and utility rooms are marked

Health and safety regulations were created to ensure the safety and comfort of both workers and their employers. Following them is the surest way to ensure that all employees are well taken care of. Every new employee should be trained in health and safety, of course, and it is the boss’s responsibility to enforce these rules, as this is the only way to ensure that the factory will function properly.

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