Spray painting of walls – how to prepare for it?

Spray painting of walls – how to prepare for it?
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Spray painting requires the use of a paint gun, whose main purpose is to break the paint into small droplets. The device uses compressed air, a special nozzle and heads.

Until recently, spray painting was used mainly by professional companies dealing with, among others, interior decoration. Currently, virtually anyone can use this method to paint the interior of an apartment, house or facade. What is the reason for this change? First of all, lower prices of spray guns, as well as their greater availability. In virtually every large construction store we can find devices of this type. Depending on the needs of the user, manufacturers offer models characterized by high or moderate efficiency.

Spray painting – basic information in a nutshell

The first thing you need to check when choosing a particular paint is the possibility of using it with a spray gun. Such information should be found on the packaging. In turn, what to pay special attention to when buying a spray gun?

The most important consideration is the capacity, which should be matched to the size of the surface you will be painting. Do not forget that in some cases 2 or even 3 coats are required.

Preparing a surface for spray painting is more time consuming than using a brush or roller. The main reason is the higher risk of painting unwanted elements. How to do it properly?

  1. The initial step is to buy at least two painter’s tapes, namely a narrow and a wide one. The first one will come in handy when securing hard to reach places, while the second one is perfect for securing large areas.
  1. The second indispensable element is painting foil. When buying it, we must remember two things. You should always buy it in excess, because if you run out, painting will take much longer. Moreover, you should not choose the thinnest models. Although in most cases they will be the cheapest, there is a high risk of damaging them. Spray painting assumes the use of compressed air, which, combined with a relatively heavy paint, can simply tear the film.

The most important rule of thumb when protecting parts and surfaces from spray painting is that the amount of preparation time spent is directly proportional to the results.

How to paint effectively with a spray gun?

People who have never dealt with a spray gun should get some practice before painting a wall. The best method is to paint, for example, unnecessary or damaged plasterboard

  • You should start with smooth horizontal movements. If you find that the board is unevenly covered with paint, then you need to slow down the movement of the gun.
  • However, if it is too slow, the paint will begin to flow and unsightly-looking streaks will begin to appear. For practice and experience, you can deliberately hold the gun in one place to know how the paint will behave on the wall.

Painting with a spray gun, in addition to carefully protecting all surfaces and elements, should be preceded by proper preparation of the substrate. At first, it should be cleaned of any dirt. The next step is to use a primer. Its main task is to equalize ground absorbency. Moreover, it contributes to reducing the amount of paint used.

Advantages of spray painting

Once you become skilled, you will find that painting with a spray gun is relatively easy. Moreover, it saves a lot of time. It works great when painting the facade of a building. Even a very large area can be painted in one day. These advantages make more and more people use this solution. It is also worth noting that spray gun can be used for staining and varnishing, including wooden elements.

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