How to engage the customer? Is interactive advertising the way to do it?

How to engage the customer? Is interactive advertising the way to do it?
Darrius Drew
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The world is saturated with ubiquitous advertising. How to make the recipient pay attention to ours? Interactive advertising can help.

The number of ads that hit us during the day, makes people stop paying attention to them. No wonder, after all, every ad seems to look the same, advertise similar products and draw attention to itself in the same way. To break through to the mind of the customer, marketers have to look for new forms of advertising. Interactive advertising can be a way to engage the viewer.

What is interactive advertising?

Interactive advertising is a form of media in which the recipient has an impact on its content. This allows for longer attention to the advertised product, and thus there is a greater chance that the ad, product or brand itself will be remembered for a longer time. Arousing interest, amusement or surprise in this way says that the advertising campaign was successful. Interactive advertising, although the name may be associated with digital media, can be equally well used, for example, in newspapers.

The origins of interactive advertising

Interactive advertising is not such a new topic. Already several years ago people started to use the possibilities offered by interactive advertising

Skoda, while advertising in traditional media, decided a few years ago to exploit the potential of the interactive one. In order to show that the electric tailgate in Skoda Superb is convenient, they used information that most Polish TV viewers have programmed TVP 1 under number 1, and TVP 2 under number 2. Thanks to this knowledge, in one program the car had the tailgate closed, and in the other open. See for yourself how it worked out:

Another interesting example of using interactive advertising is Peugeot. To show how safe the 408 model sold at the time was, they used a newspaper with a sign asking you to hit a specific spot. When you hit it, a tiny pillow would inflate, and when you turned the page, information about the car’s safety systems would appear to the reader’s eyes.

Not necessarily static

Interactive advertising should engage people. It should interest him and make him want to participate in activities thanks to which he will get to know the product. It depends on the creativity of the creators how such an advertisement will look like

Reebok, to advertise their running shoes, did nothing else but … They forced people to run. In Stockholm, it placed a display case with a stopwatch on it and the shoes inside. The person who ran the fastest in front of the billboard would win a free pair of shoes. While this advertisement was more local, it certainly got a lot of people spreading the word about what the company had done

Technology offers great opportunities

Today, these types of ads most often appear on the Internet, showing the capabilities of games and programs. The presentation allows, for example, to move the character or change some element, and then shows what the game is about. Of course, in such a way as to interest the recipient. Games are most suitable for this type of advertising, after all, they are interactive.

Virtual tours are a great idea if you are not able to see something with your own eyes. This technology is used for example by Google Street View. The possibilities of virtual reality can also be used in the presentation of the design of a house or for example a hotel in showing rooms.

The future of advertising

Interactive advertisements provide countless opportunities to create creative advertising campaigns. This can increase brand recognition, which will only translate into increased interest. Recipients do not get bored and having a positive experience, they remember the brand and product. With the development of technology, interactive ads have become the future of marketing. You can use billboards, info-kiosks, interactive mirrors, touch tables and much more.

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