Digital transformation as an opportunity to grow your business

Digital transformation as an opportunity to grow your business
Darrius Drew
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Digital transformation, while a difficult task that requires changing habits acquired over the years, can pay off in the future.

Carrying out digital transformation in a company is a huge challenge for the enterprise. It requires changes in thinking and work of the entire team. Terms like internet of things, robotics or machine learning will soon have to be familiar to anyone who intends to stay in the market, because as we grow, more and more organizations will carry out digital transformation

IT departments have long since become crucial, not only in businesses but also in everyday life. Therefore, it will be up to IT directors to determine how the transformation will take place and whether it will happen at all. Many of them believe that they will not be able to cope with such a serious challenge. And it is the moment of the decision to go digital that is the turning point. However, it cannot be a throw into the deep end, but a carefully considered strategy, because a poorly implemented digital transformation can do more harm than good.

Digital transformation. What does it involve?

Digital transformation is hard to define with one definition common to everyone. Generalizing, digital transformation can be called the integration of business processes and systems with digital solutions across the enterprise, which involves changing the way the entire organization delivers services and operates. To make this happen, you need to set yourself up for obstacles, experimentation, accepting failures, and cultural change.

And it is cultural change that is one of the most important aspects that must be changed for the entire transformation to succeed. Employees who are used to working at their desks, performing certain activities in the same way for years, will have to change these habits. The only way such a process can be successful is with support to help them see the benefits of change and adjust their habits. It’s important to remember that technology gives you the tools to grow your business, but it’s a well-qualified team that will lead you to a situation where digitization allows you to build a competitive advantage.

Digital transformation matters

Competitive growth is the best driver to grow your own business. This is why every company will eventually need to start investing in digital transformation. According to IDC, spending on technology and services that enable digital transformation will reach $1.97 trillion by 2022.

Additionally, there are many benefits from transformation. Information systems allow you to operate in real time. Data collection often has to be done manually and then analyzed. This takes a lot of time and effort that can ultimately do a lot of good or no good at all. With digital systems, data collection and analysis is done on the fly, so you can constantly apply adjustments that result in better company performance

Similar benefits can be had with machines that, thanks to digital optimization, are constantly monitored, allowing repairs to be predicted well in advance, before a breakdown puts the station out of commission, or worse, stops the production line.

Time is running out

As Stephanie Overby of Enterprisers reports, digital transformation has become commonplace as early as 2019. That means there’s less and less time to decide whether to digitize

It all looks very complicated. It’s a good idea to start digging into it now and slowly prepare for the changes. It is important to remember that the process is long and difficult, but not to be feared. The largest companies often have this process behind them, but this situation does not have to be reflected at all among smaller businesses

Often, companies themselves will not be able to carry out such a process on their own. It can be useful, and sometimes even necessary, to have support from companies that will analyze and advise on what technologies the company will need, and then implement IT solutions. You can also learn a lot from IT directors who have begun to implement digitalization into the structure of the company

If the digital transformation is done in the right way, you can quickly get tangible benefits from this process.

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