Google Cloud – what is it?

Google Cloud – what is it?
Darrius Drew
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on April 14, 2021 a new Google Cloud Region located in Warsaw started operating. It is the first facility of this kind in Central and Eastern Europe. So what is the Google Cloud?

In the era of ubiquitous computerization every company that counts on the market stores a lot of data, which has to be collected somewhere. Of course, it is no longer possible to collect everything in binders and put it on a shelf. All information is stored on servers located in many places around the world, and their number is often counted in thousands

It is easy to imagine that maintaining thousands of servers is neither cheap nor pleasant. And that’s where Google all in white comes in, offering Google Cloud services, the ability to store data on their servers for a small fee.

The advantages of cloud solutions are more than you think

First and foremost is the incomparable convenience. Starting from the beginning, implementation and launch of the system is fast and cheap, because the company does not have to invest in hardware, software and licenses. In addition, the use of cloud solutions is very simple, and access to the software we have from anywhere in the world, as long as we have the Internet and a computer

Another thing, probably the most important from the company’s point of view, is security. In times of ubiquitous RODO, phishing and advertising, no company wants confidential data to fall into the wrong hands. The owner of a cloud platform is also aware of this fact, and in addition, if such a leak of data occurred, then in fact the biggest problem is the administrator of such a platform, which in the case of Google Cloud-Google. Therefore, the security measures that are in place in clouds are very strong. Data centers like the one launched in Warsaw are spread around the world, and every piece of information is stored in at least a few of them. Additionally, the data is encrypted, shared, and distributed across multiple locations so that no employee is able to decrypt and use the information.

Running the service is cheap, but not just running it. When you use Google Cloud, you pay on a per-second basis to use the application. This means that if the app is not running, there is no cost to the owner.

You don’t even know you’re using

Google Cloud is invented in such a way that users are not limited to just big businesses. It can be used by website or app owners, start-ups as well as corporations. So since it is a Cloud open to everyone, it is almost certain that you have used Google Cloud services at least once without even knowing it

For example, companies like Spotify, Revolut, Paypal, and Twitter use the Google Cloud. Each of these and thousands of other companies process millions of pieces of information a day on Google’s servers such as tweets, music, payment orders, etc. Thanks to these servers, they are also able to develop their products in a direction that will allow for further growth. All thanks to the gigantic computing power of the servers

Not only Google

The number of cloud services is growing all the time. This is not just due to Google Cloud, because in the forefront of Cloud solutions is also Microsoft with its Azure service and Amazon with its Amazon Web Services (AWS). These three solutions support the majority of applications used every day

As you can see, everything is moving to the clouds. This is an advantage for each party, as the company saves money and the administrator makes money. Google Cloud solutions are a very rapidly growing branch of the IT market, offering more and more convenient solutions. They are a very important part of the economy and will be so until someone comes up with something better. It is through such solutions that we will be able to recover faster from the COVID-19 pandemic

It’s becoming an important part of our lives, so it’s important to know that we’re dealing with such services while browsing the news every day or listening to our favorite music on the way to work, where perhaps soon everyone will be using cloud-based tools.

Main article photo: Adam Berry / Contributor /Getty Images News /Getty Images

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