Technology to help with everyday office work

Technology to help with everyday office work
Darrius Drew
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Technological solutions have often made our work easier, however newer and newer inventions appear on the market, which allow for more effective office management. Therefore, it is worth to follow the spirit of time and bet on modernity.

Time tracking tool

It is neatly paired with a smooth and organized workplace that has a measurable and verifiable task tracking system. A time tracking tool will record the minutes or hours spent on a task. It can generate reports to track time over weeks or months and give a broader view of the whole situation.

Productivity goes hand in hand with maximizing time to achieve goals. And while time management is more than that, being able to track hours is a step toward a productive day.

Time tracking tools can offer analytics that aggregate data and turn it into useful insights, such as identifying strengths and weaknesses and setting goals in a realistic way. You can find recordkeeping systems at MicroMade.

Reliable, fast internet connection

People expect to spend the next seven to eight hours feeling productive and accomplishing certain things. However, it’s hard to stay calm and focused if the internet in the office isn’t working with us. You lose your train of thought in an instant, and it’s hard to get it back when the connection lets you work again. A poor connection is also on a different level than simple annoyances. It’s hard to convince clients that unstable internet is the cause of delays and inefficiencies.

How fast is the internet connection? That depends on the day-to-day requirements of the business, including the activities each person does. Browsing, video streaming, teleconferencing, and the like certainly consume bandwidth and are important considerations to take into account when requesting internet speed. It’s also a good idea to get the right network equipment, which you can find at

You can choose DSL, fiber or wireless connection or a combination of wired and Wi-Fi connection to ensure uninterrupted and fast data transmission. It’s also necessary to set up a backup Internet connection in case your primary network experiences sporadic or no connection. That said, you can always let people work from their homes if the office internet proves unreliable

Speaking of network, you should consider a VPS server to keep your data safe. This service is offered by Rapid DC, among others.

Project management tool

Boards and markers are useful, but these tools are perishable, and context is inevitably lost. No one will remember details correctly during a meeting because the mind works that way. There will also most likely be dissenting sentences and revisions; imagine having to code and print out updated versions as you go along. You will have a lot of paper and time put into creating documents that you can do without.

Whether your team consists of two people or twenty, you will need a virtual whiteboard that allows for real-time collaboration, updating, and reporting. This work falls under a project management tool that includes everything everyone does, down to the last dot.

Using a single tool, whether simple or sophisticated software, is a simple approach to assigning and accounting for every actionable item that goes into a project. Managers and team leaders can save energy by asking what’s going on. They can simply go to the dashboard, click an entry or tab.

This move cuts down on unnecessary exchanges, direct reports, and possibly micromanagement. Google Sheets, for example, provides a free and simple tracking module for real-time editing and updating.

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