CNC metalworking

CNC metalworking
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High quality of received parts and speed of cutting are the main advantages of metal processing by means of CNC. What else does metal processing with this method allow?

What is metal machining using CNC?

Machining, as the name suggests, is a type of cavity production. A plate of material with a larger surface area is used to obtain the desired shape. This is then subjected to cutting. The material remaining after cutting is converted into chips. The final product is produced in two stages – the first is roughing and the second is finishing. For the whole project properly prepared machines and cutting tools are used. Their correct choice and high quality have a huge impact on the precision of cutting and durability of the resulting product.

Two basic technologies of material processing using CNC

  • Milling – in this case the workpiece remains stationary, and the cutting tool, after previous programming, whirling removes excess material. Milling is a very versatile solution. With its help any shape can be obtained, it is enough to properly program the device beforehand
  • Turning – the opposite solution to the previous one. In this case, the workpiece rotates, and the cutting tool moves on its axis, removing the excess material. This is the oldest, but still used method, characterized by great precision

State-of-the-art solutions in CNC machining

Modern machine tools are extremely precise machines. Manufacturers every year introduce newer solutions that offer even greater accuracy. Moreover, the design of the machines is also changing. Lathe and milling centers are already available on the market, which allow you to choose one of the two technologies described above for machining a workpiece

CNC machining guarantees the possibility of making unusual and often very complicated shapes. Metals of various origin can be used for this. The original form of the workpiece material is changed by heat, chemical and galvanic treatment. CNC processes supported by these methods result in more efficient work and at the same time in higher precision of workpieces of different shapes

Advantages of metal processing using CNC

  • state-of-the-art method allowing to obtain parts of extremely high quality,
  • perfect mapping of the part according to previous guidelines given by the operator,
  • the possibility of using different types of materials (plastic, cast iron, steel or brass),
  • a very low chance of error during machining,
  • speed of cutting, which affects the increase in production efficiency (CNC was initially used in mass production, but now also in small series and unit),
  • a number of companies in the market that provide CNC cutting service,
  • no oversize errors – saves time and money, no loss of valuable raw material,
  • made edges do not have to undergo finishing,
  • increasing popularity and emergence of new companies with offers of CNC cutting means lower and lower costs for the customer.

CNCmachining is a computer-aided technique. So it can be used in conjunction with other equipment to create production parks in large companies. The design of the part to be cut must go to the control unit. This requires software usually in G-Code language. According to the set parameters, the unit starts working. This is therefore a virtually fully automatic process

Cutting out parts using CNC machining offers high quality and precision cutting. This translates into the ability to create a group of parts that are then joined together without gaps or trimming, all while guaranteeing high consistency. Proper coding of CNC machines also comes down to infrequent maintenance or downtime during production. Another positive aspect is the low cost of producing parts.

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