The best slicing machines for bakeries

The best slicing machines for bakeries
Darrius Drew
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Slicing machines are equipment that should not be missing in a bakery. In order to choose the highest quality equipment, it is useful to know what to follow when shopping. We also present some suggestions that are good to consider when looking for the best bakery equipment. 

What to follow when choosing a slicing machine?

To choose a slicing machine that will work perfectly in a bakery, it is worth considering several criteria. The most important of these are listed below. 

Thickness of slices

A significant element of our choice should be the length, width and height of the bread that a particular model can cut into slices. This is extremely important, as it is best to bet on a machine that will match the type of bread sold by the bakery.

In addition, it is worth betting on equipment that has many options for adjusting the thickness of the slices. Customers may prefer slices of different sizes. Different types of bread should also be sliced in a differentiated manner to preserve its visual appeal.

Equipment performance and speed of operation

Bread slicing machine manufacturers also usually specify the efficiency with which the equipment works, which can be of great importance in bakeries that are extremely popular with customers. It is worth considering whether in our case it will be optimal to bet on a semi-automatic or automatic slicer. Adjusting the speed of slicing may also prove important for more delicate products.

Additional features

Individual models of slicers can also be equipped with interesting additional functions, such as the ability to automatically pack sliced bread in foil packaging. Such solutions are sure to save bakery workers effort.

The possibility of servicing the blades

It turns out that models whose blades can be repaired are usually the most financially viable choice. Buying brand-new knives can be extremely expensive, so it makes sense to bet on models whose blades can be repaired.

Comfort of use of the device

When choosing slicers, bet on devices whose operation is not too complicated. It is also worth investing in equipment that is easy to keep clean. This will make it much less work for bakery employees.

Models of slicers that are worth paying attention to

Among the recommended bread slicers are such devices as the MKP.11.6 model by Lozamet – a table slicer with a raised knife frame. This device takes up relatively little space and is distinguished by its solid and aesthetic design. 

The second proposal is Ed13 from Resto Quality. This is an extremely professional freestanding slicer, thanks to which you can achieve extraordinary precision in slicing slices of the desired thickness. The device is excellent for both soft and very hard granular breads. 

The next model worth looking at is the belt bread slicer (Hercules) from Matas. This device is distinguished by its quiet operation, aesthetic appearance, uncomplicated operation and huge capacity (1500 loaves per hour). This equipment is equipped with a pouch blower, which significantly speeds up the work. In addition, it is possible to equip the slicer with another component of the bread bagging system, which is a clipper.  

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