Modern cleaning machines for gastronomy

Modern cleaning machines for gastronomy
Darrius Drew
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When running a diner, you have to think about many things that restaurant guests don’t even realize. After all, good service isn’t just about tasty food, trained waiters, and beautiful tableware. While it’s the show-off dishes of your chefs that will land restaurant guests in their Instagram photos, you also need to take care of other issues that customers will bring up in their Google reviews or on Tripadvisor

In today’s article, we’re going to focus on keeping your food service clean, because this is an issue that restaurant guests pay special attention to. How to take care of floors? And how to make them look impeccable while at the same time making the work of your employees who take care of the cleanliness of the premises easier?

Willmop 50B TSM

If you are looking for the right floor cleaning machine for your restaurant, the Willmop 50B TSM certainly deserves your attention. Due to its small size it is suitable for small and large catering establishments, but don’t be fooled! Although it looks inconspicuous and weighs only 23 kg, this upright scrubber/dryer is really powerful and can run continuously for 75 minutes. In addition, the ability to switch the machine to ECO mode not only reduces energy consumption and lowers noise levels, but also reduces water and detergent consumption, increasing the machine’s efficiency. The design of the Willmop 50B allows you to clean even hard-to-reach areas, and you don’t have to worry about unsightly marks on the walls – four bumpers have been fitted to the machine! Buying this scrubber will make the process of cleaning and mopping your floors easy and fun, and your surfaces will be shiny like never before.

Antea 50E Comac

If you’re looking for a modern scrubber for large rooms, consider choosing the Atea Comac corded cleaning machine, which has a capacity of up to 1500 m²/h. Why should you choose it? First of all, it is equipped with a clear control panel, which makes the operation of the machine extremely simple and intuitive. An additional advantage is the ECO mode, available on powered models, thanks to which the scrubber consumes less electricity, water and detergent. On request are also available versions with CDS (Cosmac Dosing System). How does it improve the work? Thanks to the full control of detergent concentration in water the machine is able to reduce consumption up to 50%. This is a noticeable saving of money without negatively affecting the cleanliness of the floors.

IGEA Comac

This is the smallest scrubbing machine in the Comac range, whose main advantage is its surprising value for money. Low price does not mean low performance. On the contrary. IGEA scrubbing machines are particularly appreciated for their high efficiency, so they are ideal for cleaning small surfaces. It’s much better than a traditional mop and will make the floor cleaning process much more efficient. Especially since no specific training is required to use the IGEA Comac scrubbing machine, it is extremely easy to use. Another advantage of the Comac scrubbing machine over the water bucket and mop is the way it works. The scrubbed floor is immediately dry, eliminating the problem of unsightly shoe stains on an un-dry floor. Due to its small size, it is perfect for cluttered rooms and narrow spaces such as bars. What’s important, there are no problems not only with operating the machine but also with keeping it clean. After finished work, simply pour out the dirty water with detergent, which is collected in a separate container.

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