Equipment needed in a pizzeria

Equipment needed in a pizzeria
Darrius Drew
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A pizzeria, like any food establishment, is not without the necessary equipment. Want to open your own place? Check which devices it will not be possible without.

Pizza presses

They are designed for preparing pizza bases. Thanks to the appropriate construction of the equipment we can make dough in various sizes. Sharp discs precisely press it out, thanks to which a perfectly round product is created. Pizza presses are almost maintenance-free. Apart from choosing various dough diameters, you can also create pizza bottoms of various thicknesses. Moulders, as this device can otherwise be called, can be found at

Spiral mixers

With this device, you can knead dough for pizza. At, there are mixers with different capacities, so the owner of any establishment will find the right equipment for himself. Importantly, the motors in the mixers are energy efficient and allow you to use them continuously while not increasing the electricity draw too much.

Pizza ovens

This is one of the most important pieces of equipment in any pizzeria. Ovens vary in form and construction, which affects their choice. Manufacturers offer single-chamber and multi-chamber models. The former will work well in smaller pizzerias, while the latter – in larger establishments. Such models can be equipped with up to five chambers. There are various ovens available at, which also differ in the way they are powered. You can opt for gas or electric powered models.

Cooling tables

These consist of a tabletop and refrigerated cabinets, which makes them very functional. On the tabletop, you can prepare pizza dough, while the cabinets underneath usually store the finished product or various semi-finished products. Tops for pizza are made of steel that can come into contact with food. What is important, they are resistant to damage and easy to clean.

Dough portioners

They serve to correctly finish the process of making dough. They influence its efficiency because they ensure very fast portioning of dough in an ideal way, at the same time maintaining precision that would be impossible to achieve for a normal worker. The portioners work very quickly, while at the same time maintaining continuity. Their great advantage is that they allow you to speed up the entire pizza making process. This means that you can achieve higher profits with less work.

Dough rolling machines

The processing of the dough has an impact on the taste of the finished pizza and that is why rolling pins are very useful. They allow to prepare perfect dough, not only for pizza, but also for pasta or dumplings. Rolling machines are relatively small electrically powered devices. Their basic elements are a roller and a drive system which independently regulates the device’s work. This allows you to roll out the dough of the identical, chosen thickness. There are rollers with one and two rollers. Those with a simpler construction are intended for products of a straight and even shape, while those with two rollers – for dough requiring processing on both sides.

Catering dishwasher

This is one of the most basic devices necessary in every catering facility. It allows for quick and thorough washing of all kitchen utensils. It is faster, cheaper and more hygienic than washing dishes by hand. Catering dishwashers are larger than domestic ones to accommodate the often very large amount of dishes and cutlery.

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