How do combi steamers work?

How do combi steamers work?
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The right kitchen equipment is the basis for its smooth functioning. One of the necessary devices is a proper oven. It will cook or bake our food, which will translate into the final effect and may make the dish we are preparing delicious. In this article we will take a look at the combi steamer, which is considered to be one of the best devices in this category

Combi oven vs. combi steamer

A regular convection oven works on the principle of convection, which is the rising of heat due to the movement of masses of liquids or gases, which leads to the equalization of their temperature levels. The warm air is driven by fans, and a special chamber gives it a horizontal motion. In order to prevent the penetration of odours, the air is extracted and returned to the oven through suitable filters. In this way air circulation is created. As a result, our food will always be baked evenly. If we bake several different dishes at once, their smells will not permeate each other. Another advantage is the short baking time.

A combi oven uses steam in addition to the convection process. The air circulation alone can make the dish dry out and thus lose its flavor. In addition to this, the combination of convection and steam will ensure that the food retains its aroma and color

Advantages of the combi steamer

The combi steamer has several interesting functions: roasting, frying, grilling, blanching (putting food into boiling water for a while and cooling it in cold water), regeneration of food (reheating with steam) or baking with a probe. By choosing the right program you can prepare not only delicious, naturally moist meat, but also delicate dishes, such as creams or pates. The greatest advantages of the combi steamer are:

  • saving time and money – preparing food in the combi steamer is much faster than in a regular oven. By using hot air circulation the time of thermal processing is shortened. The temperature in the oven is also lower, which results in lower power consumption. Less power consumption means lower electricity bill;
  • water saving – water is needed to make steam. You might think that a stove like this uses a lot of water to operate – nothing could be further from the truth. Water consumption does not exceed eight liters per hour, even during intensive cooking;
  • thequality and taste of the food – thanks to the fact that our food in the combi steamer is heated from all sides at the same temperature, it retains its natural taste and aroma. In addition the food will be healthier, because the combi steamer uses about 90% less fat for frying;
  • outlay of money and use of space – the combi steamer can effectively replace many other, smaller appliances, such as pans, grills, ovens, stoves. Instead of buying several devices, we can purchase one that combines all these functions, while ensuring high quality;
  • less t iresome cleaning – combi steamers are often equipped with an automatic cleaning system. No human labour is required for this. You simply set the right program and the machine does everything for you. The process is very safe and hygienic, and once it’s done, we can continue cooking right away.


A combi oven is undoubtedly a very useful appliance. It seems that if you run a catering business, you should not think twice about buying one. Prices of such ovens range from a few to even tens of thousands of zlotys. Therefore, it should be treated as an investment, not only in saving time and money, but also in providing your kitchen with perfectly prepared dishes.

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