How much does technical SEO cost?

How much does technical SEO cost?
Darrius Drew
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If you run an online business, the word “SEO” has certainly crossed your mind. But do you know what the cost of activities that should be implemented on your website? Have You ever thought of technical SEO optimization? Do You know iCEA SEO agency? Check the most important information and enjoy high search engine positioning!

What is positioning?

iCEA SEO agency from Poland says In short – it is a process of improving your website’s visibility in Google, which means that after entering a key phrase in the search engine, the user will see your website. Positioning, also commonly called SEO from the English term Search Engine Optimization, consists of several basic elements:

  • Selection, implementation and monitoring of key phrases,
  • Creation of texts (content) with a proper structure and subject matter corresponding to customer queries,
  • Technical SEO optimization of the website for Google robot algorithms, 
  • Link building,
  • Competition analysis.

Effective SEO activities increase traffic to the website, thus increasing the revenue of your company and reducing the rejection rate. In fact, nowadays it is impossible to run a business without paying attention to the positioning – taking into account the high competition, it depends on the position of the website in Google whether the customer will find it at all. 

How much does it cost?

Currently, there are many companies on the market that take over from you and do SEO like mentioned before iCEA SEO agency or well-known Minneapolis SEO agency. Unfortunately, the potential cost of such a service cannot be easily determined. This is because the price depends on the size of the website and its current state, the length of the contract, the competitiveness and the agreed scope of work. 

However, if you want to use the help of specialists, you must bear in mind that this is not a one-time cost. First, you need to develop a strategy and implement it within the site, then allocate a specific budget for ongoing activities: reports, introduction of changes or periodic publication of content. 

The easiest way to estimate initial costs is to determine the amount you want to spend on SEO activities, and then check what different companies are able to do within this sum. You can usually ask for a quote right on the service provider’s website, and sometimes individual packages are also broken down.

When making your decision, Minneapolis SEO agency advices – make sure that the offer includes all the most important and also necessary elements of effective SEO:

  • SEO audit and preliminary website analysis confirmed by reports,
  • Strategy for the following months,
  • Suggestions of actions to gain good quality links,
  • Selection of key phrases,
  • Content optimization and proposals for topics (or, depending on the scope of services, already prepared texts),
  • Comparison with competitors,
  • Monitoring of effects with the possibility of consultation.
  • Technical SEO Optimization of on-site and off-site procedures

By entrusting the positioning to specialists with reliable opinions you can be sure that your website is in good hands. This is also a guarantee of professional results – you can ask for example for local positioning in Australia or in a little known industry.

The cost of SEO on your own 

Of course, you can do SEO on your own – you just have to remember that it requires a lot of time and knowledge, as well as the purchase of tools that will help you do it. Fortunately, there are many specialized SEO programs on the market  Minneapolis SEO agency experts can recommend:

  1. Semrush – from $119/msc,
  2. Senuto – from 83 PLN/msc,
  3. Ahrefs – from 99$/msc.

Add to this free tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console or Answer The Public and you will get a good basis for SEO activities – at least the initial ones. With the help of the package of programs you will check the quantity and quality of links, which phrases the website ranks for, whether there is any cannibalization of content, etc. You will also receive reports and analyses that will allow you to focus on specific effects, such as improving the performance of the website, introducing new keyword phrases (e.g. branded, long-tail or local, such as positioning in the UK), optimizing the content.

In conclusion, there is no clear answer to the question: how much does SEO cost. It’s a complicated issue which you need to approach after proper consideration of your expectations and specifying what you need.

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  • Joe Rogers 11.08.2022

    It’s amazing that SEO offers so many possibilities these days. Regardless of how we position our website, we have a number of tools and plugins at our disposal. In addition, the tools you mentioned are not all of them and the list does not end there. SEO is now a very developed field and it is worth taking advantage of it. Even if the costs seem high, it is a worthwhile investment. Positioning allows you to become visible on Google, which affects sales results and conversion on our website.

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