Power prices are rising and companies are starting to invest in renewables

Power prices are rising and companies are starting to invest in renewables
Darrius Drew
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Electricity bills are severe not only for households, but also for small businesses and large enterprises. Therefore, they are looking for alternatives, and the most popular one is photovoltaics.

Renewable energy sources – not as popular as it seems

The Energy Market Agency has published the results of a study according to which in 2020 the share of coal in the energy mix will fall to a low level of 70 percent, while the energy obtained from gas, wind and photovoltaic will grow. Still, coal remains the most popular energy source. Prices of raw materials and carbon dioxide emission allowances are growing, which in turn influences the increase of electricity prices. This concerns not only households but also companies.

Changing your electricity supplier is one way to save money

Some companies consume less energy during the pandemic, if only because some offices are standing empty. More and more people are working from home, so they use home appliances and electricity during business hours. As a result, part of the bill that would be paid by companies is paid by individuals. We are seeing more and more individuals on our site who are looking for ways to save money on their electric bill. They do it in different ways: by changing the electricity supplier or e.g. by deciding on photovoltaic installation

– Emmanuel Lickel-Skiba, founder of DobryPrad.pl, a website that compares offers of electricity sellers and photovoltaic installations.

Another one is the trend of switching to renewable energy. It turns out that entrepreneurs have a lot of knowledge on this subject, but still in practice investments in renewable energy sources are not that popular. This is evidenced by last year’s EFL research “Green energy in SME. Under the microscope” – 7 out of 10 company managers declare high or very high knowledge of renewable energy sources, while only… 5 percent. Nevertheless, many companies are planning to introduce such a solution. The most popular are photovoltaic, solar, wind and heat pumps.

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