Hotel cleanliness – an important element of a facility’s image

Hotel cleanliness – an important element of a facility’s image
Darrius Drew
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Tidiness is one of the most important criteria by which any hotel is judged. Unfavorable opinions on cleanliness can destroy the reputation of a facility. It should be remembered that a high standard of hygiene is part of the company’s image and builds trust – guests are more likely to return to a hotel that has met their expectations.

Guests’ expectations

The guests’ verification of the hotel room takes place only after collecting the keys and often turns out to be a string of disappointments. Guests usually complain about poorly cleaned bathrooms, dirty bed linen, unusable appliances, such as kettle or iron, and even mold in the room. Such situations should be unacceptable in an elegant hotel. Visitors to the property expect the staff to thoroughly clean the room and common areas. During the coronavirus pandemic, guests’ awareness of room cleaning and disinfection procedures increased.

Employees responsible for cleaning and preparing the room, should provide guests with a set of clean, neat towels and bathrobes, pay attention to the condition of carpets and rugs, disinfect countertops, doorknobs, light switches and TV remote controls, and make sure that the room has a pleasant smell. To ensure a high standard of hygiene, it is worth buying effective cleaning products, which will clean the bathroom fittings from dirt, stains and lime deposits.

Hotel cosmetics

In taking care of cleanliness, it is important to pay attention to details such as toiletries and hotel accessories. Every bathroom should be equipped with a mandatory set consisting of soap, shampoo and body lotion. Small equipment of this type, especially in aesthetic packaging, increases the prestige of the hotel in the eyes of guests. Do not forget that for many people the set of cosmetics has become a standard even in the case of renting private accommodation. In shared bathrooms by the restaurant or pool, as well as in rooms designated for staff, it’s worth using hotel soap in a dispenser – this solution is more environmentally friendly, protects against theft and saves money.

Facility cleanliness during a pandemic

It is worth taking care to strengthen personal hygiene practices throughout the hotel. According to the labor code, the employer should provide each employee with access to personal hygiene products. It is worth taking care of cleaning products for employeesand use personal protective equipment, which includes gloves, masks and protective clothing. It is equally important to prepare hand disinfection stations for both customers visiting the lobby and employees. It is worth introducing procedures for regular cleaning and disinfection of shared spaces such as toilets, the hotel restaurant and staff rooms. Hygiene maintenance in hotels also includes frequent cleaning and disinfecting of all ventilation systems to prevent dust and mould build-up. For better air circulation it is also necessary to regularly ventilate all rooms.

In summary, the overall guest impression of a facility’s cleanliness consists of many elements: from the presence of elegant equipment such as cosmetics and hotel accessories, to the individual protection of employees, to regular technical inspections of the entire facility. Not all elements are visible at first glance, but together they affect the well-being of guests and the comfort of their stay in the hotel.

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