Gas, however, is not an alternative to coal?

Gas, however, is not an alternative to coal?
Darrius Drew
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The Polish government saw gas as an alternative to coal. The investments aimed at the reduction of CO2 are to help in the greening of the Polish energy sector. However, experts claim that the choice of gas is a mistake

Why gas is a bad choice?

Poland’s energy policy assumes that it will be based on gas fuels until 2040. By 2049 all coal mines are to be extinguished, this is what the social agreement on transformation of the mining industry assumes. Natural gas as an alternative to coal seemed like a natural choice. However, listening to voices from the European Union, it may turn out to be a mistake.

Experts say clearly: after 2030 gas will be on a censored list, just as coal is at the moment. So it is worth thinking not so much about building a new gas infrastructure, but about switching some coal-fired power plants to gas. However, I am afraid that Poland is not very prepared to enter into gas as a transition fuel – says Jerzy Marek Nowakowski to the Newseria Biznes agency.

Voices that the European Union will try to depart from this fuel are heard more and more often. The fact that it should be taken seriously is also proven by the reaction of the European Investment Bank, which will not finance gas projects after 2021. Are we facing another energy revolution in the country? It is hard to say unequivocally, but it is worth directing the policy towards ecological energy sources


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