Interior disinfection – where is it necessary and what does it consist in?

Interior disinfection – where is it necessary and what does it consist in?
Darrius Drew
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Disinfection of hands, interiors and surfaces is important, especially now that an epidemic is underway. Regular disinfection is now required almost everywhere, but there are places where it is especially important. In this article you will read where disinfection of interiors is necessary.

What are the types of disinfection?

Disinfection can be done using different methods and tools. These are adapted to the type of bacteria and viruses present in the premises and the degree to which they are present. The equipment in the area to be disinfected is also important. The effectiveness of the entire disinfection process depends on the choice of method. You can choose disinfection: thermal, thermal-chemical, chemical or ozone.

Disinfection is a process that requires agents with the right effect and the right concentration. A sufficient duration of action must also be maintained. The duration of action is specified in the documentation for each product and is based on the relevant tests. When deciding on specific methods and agents, it is worth using the services of professionals, i.e. external companies that specialize in disinfection. This will allow it to be carried out in an appropriate manner.

Clinics and hospitals

These places require constant disinfection. Even before the outbreak began, this was a standard, regular activity. There are sick people in medical clinics and hospitals every day, and as a result, bacteria, germs and germs accumulate there. In order for diseases not to spread, it is necessary to disinfect all surfaces.

Therefore, before visiting a doctor or hospital, it is worth equipping yourself with a hand disinfectant. This will reduce the risk of contracting the disease. In such places professional disinfection is carried out – VACO is one of the companies that deal with it.


This place is also mostly visited by sick people, often right after a visit to the doctor. Here, too, it is necessary to constantly disinfect, so that customers do not get infected from each other. It is important to disinfect the pharmacy counter. It is better to avoid touching it and putting things on it if it is not necessary. To reduce the risk of contracting diseases, it is better to pay cashless.

Cosmetic salons

Beauty salons should also be clean. Any tools, such as nail scissors or cuticle clippers, should be disinfected like surgical tools to be safe enough. There are times when a beautician might cut someone with a pair of cuticle clippers, so sterilizing them is essential

All tools that have any contact with the skin should be disposable or cleaned and sterilized by a professional company and subjected to special disinfection. Also, the beds on which treatments are performed should be disinfected – especially if the chairs or beds have had direct contact with the skin.

Piercing and tattoo studios

The procedures performed in these places are invasive, needles are used and blood is often present. Regular and thorough disinfection and sterility are essential to prevent infection with various diseases. Tattoo and piercing studios are subject to frequent inspections, so it is essential to follow hygienic rules and regularly disinfect all surfaces. It is also necessary to change the tools. This makes these places really safe.

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