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How can reducing CO2 production affect business?

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How can reducing CO2 production affect business?

Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is used in many different industries. Recently, a crisis has emerged over the blockage of nitrogen fertilizer production – CO2 stocks are dwindling. A shortage of carbon dioxide can have a crippling effect on many different industries.

Carbon dioxide shortage – a problem for many industries

Carbon dioxide is a gas used mainly in the food industry, but not only. Its dwindling supply can cause serious problems in many fields. This state of affairs is the result of a huge increase in the price of natural gas, causing nitrogen fertilizer manufacturers to significantly reduce production of this material.

As a result, supplies of CO2 are becoming harder and harder to come by. The gas is primarily an important raw material in the beer, dairy, meat and carbonated beverage industries. The paralysis of any of these branches, in addition to the increase in food prices, will drag other businesses down exponentially – packaging manufacturers, restaurateurs, etc. will also be directly affected. What can be expected? Certainly a huge price increase and hard times for many industries.

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