Principles of preparing things for transport

Principles of preparing things for transport
Darrius Drew
Storage and logistics
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Planning to transport and wondering how to properly prepare for it? Read our article and learn about the rules of preparing things for transport.

Whether you are an individual or own a business, making sure that your shipment is properly prepared for transport is extremely important.

First of all, a good company

The basis of transportation, depending on what you want to transport, is choosing the right transportation company. Whether you are planning domestic or international transport, opt for a company whose transport services are based on timeliness and reliability. On the website you will get acquainted with information about TSL Nordic company, which provides just such services.

If you want to send a package with the help of a courier company, at you can choose a carrier with the most suitable offer for you.

Good quality packaging

Drivers always try to secure the cargo well on the back of the car, but it is very important that the packages are well packed and protected from scratches, dents or cracks. If you want to transport separate items, pack them separately. You can pack them in a cardboard box and additionally secure them with bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, or stretch wrap. If the item has empty spaces, secure them with paper, for example. All elements necessary for packaging, e.g. foils, tapes or fastening accessories, can be found at

The right size of packaging

Make sure you choose the right size and shape of the packaging for the goods you are going to transport. It does not matter whether you decide on a rectangular cardboard box, container or pallet, the size of the packaging must be as close as possible to the size of the goods to be transported.

Optimal sizing of packaging allows you to:

  • Protecting the goods from movement – reduces the risk of dropping, as well as hitting the walls of the packaging;
  • Reduces the size of the package, which results in lower shipment price;
  • Less fillers, saving time and materials.

Take care of proper closure

Remember that if the package opens on its own during transport, you are to blame. In the best possible case it will arrive open to your customer, but it may also happen that the contents will spill out in the sorting office. You can opt for boxes that have their own closure that will hold even without the use of packing tape. However, if you are using flap boxes, then security tape is a must. It is best to use special, heavy-duty tape.

Mark the packaging

Proper marking regarding how to handle the shipment will guide the courier. This is what manipulation marks are for, among others the glass symbol, which means that there is glass in the package and it should be handled gently, and arrows, which inform that the package must not be laid down. Also make sure to place the address label properly, preferably on the largest flat surface, which is the top of the package. Place a second address label inside, in case the outer one gets damaged. Avoid edges and don’t stick the label on the security tape. Also be sure to include the recipient’s full address information on the label. If you use used packages, make sure to remove all old labels from them.

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