Product packaging and preparation for shipment – recommended solutions

Product packaging and preparation for shipment – recommended solutions
Darrius Drew
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The choice of product packaging and its proper preparation for shipment are very important aspects, especially in the case of stores processing orders via the Internet. Find out what characteristics a good package should have and how to properly pack a parcel for a customer.

What should good packaging be like?

Packaging is an integral part of the product, but how to choose a good packaging? The most important aspect is certainly the convenience and safety of the product. Therefore, the size of the packaging is very important. It cannot be too big as the product is likely to bump against its walls during transport and get damaged. Try to make the packaging as close as possible to the dimensions of the goods. A great way to do this is, for example, to pack the goods in shrink wrap, which effectively protects the items from damage, enables safe and comfortable transport and storage in suitable conditions

When choosing your packaging, make sure that it meets all technological and legal requirements. Make sure that the packaging bears the necessary markings in the right size and color. Consider which information is the most important (without which the packaging has no raison d’être) and what exactly you want to convey to the customer and present it in a clear and legible way

Apart from practical aspects, the aesthetics of the packaging is also very important. Often it is the aesthetics that draws the attention of the consumer, so it is important to take care of it. Tailor your packaging to the industry you’re in, but don’t forget to add a distinctive element that will help you stand out from the competition. Digital printing and plotter cutting will certainly help you with this

Preparing for shipping

Apart from choosing the right packaging it is also worth taking care of proper preparation of the product for shipment. It is worth deciding on such solutions as fillers in the form of bubble wrap, granules, air pillows, styrofoam or even old crumpled up newspapers which will additionally protect the shipped item against shifting and potential damage. Also keep in mind that if you plan to ship cosmetics, especially natural ones, medicines and supplements, or food, it is also necessary to stock your shipment with dry ice to prevent them from losing their properties.

For most parcels you can’t do without additional protection on the outside. The best solution for this purpose is stretch foil, which protects the package from opening. If you want to choose a more ecological solution, you can also bet on a quite popular lately foil made from recycling.

To ensure the maximum safety of your parcel, remember also to stick the appropriate markings such as “up/down” or “careful with glass”. This way you will be guaranteed that the courier will notice that the package is one of the more fragile ones. However, if the product you are sending is extremely valuable and valuable, then you should consider insuring the package.

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