Slotting – what is it?

Slotting – what is it?
Darrius Drew
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Slotting is a process that involves determining the optimal location of loads in a warehouse.

Thanks to such a well-thought-out strategy, it is possible to ensure efficient and effective operation not only of the facility itself, but also of the entire enterprise. Slotting is one of the most widely used ways to increase storage efficiency. Companies are compelled to seek such solutions, primarily due to the desire to reduce delivery times as much as possible and the continuing rise in the price of warehouse space.

Slotting in logistics – what is worth knowing about it?

Slotting as a method of warehouse organization takes into account various characteristics of individual goods. It can be, for example, the size and method of storage or how often a product is ordered. When arranging products, attention is also paid to ensuring that goods that are most often ordered together are stored close to each other.

What matters in slotting is not only the efficient arrangement of products, but also the use of appropriate warehouse equipment. We are primarily talking about pallet racks and shelf racks, which are the most commonly used elements in the context of storage. The organization of traffic on the hall is also subject to optimization – special zones are separated, where only pedestrian traffic will take place, as well as areas intended for employees moving with forklifts or lifts.

Digitization and automation of allocation of articles to locations

Most modern companies are using advances in digitization and automation to optimize individual processes. The same is true for slotting. In order to develop an effective strategy for allocating articles to locations, it is necessary to use a warehouse management system (WMS). It makes it possible to control inventory on an ongoing basis, identify, track and record the receipt and release of individual loads. The WMS program can be freely configured by defining the flow of cargo and work methods applicable to the warehouse. Based on the parameters entered, the system is able to classify products and choose the best possible allocation to locations.

Automating the allocation of items to locations is an opportunity for a company to significantly increase productivity. Automated slotting systems make it possible to make 100% use of available warehouse space, and dramatically reduce the execution time of individual processes.

Why use slotting?

Thanks to the optimal use of space and warehouse equipment, the employees of a given company will be able to work with much greater efficiency. We are talking primarily about faster order picking. This is due to a reduction in the distance to be covered, for example, when goods ordered together are placed close to each other. Fast order picking also means, of course, much faster shipping, which is very important from the customer’s perspective.

Slotting is a process that every modern company that cares about increasing the functionality of its warehouse and making optimal use of available equipment should think about implementing.

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