Synthetic meat approved for sale in Singapore

Synthetic meat approved for sale in Singapore
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Singapore is the first country where you will be able to buy meat created in a lab. The company that will produce the food is American start-up Eat Just

Laboratory meat a chance to reduce animal slaughter

The launch of synthetic meat in Singapore is expected to be a chance to reduce animal slaughter. The product was created by multiplying zoonotic cells that were nourished with plant food. Importantly, the synthetic meat does not differ in taste or nutritional value from traditional meat. As Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Eat Just, points out to Newseria, an important role in the whole process was played by the fact that Singapore is one of the leaders in biotechnology:

– Singapore has long been a leader in all sorts of innovations, from information technology to biology, and is now a global leader in building a healthier and safer food system. The regulatory approval for lab-grown meat is the first of many. I am confident there will be more in other countries around the world.

Synthetic meat is an opportunity for our population

Demand for meat products could increase by as much as 70% in 30 years, according to a study by the Good Food Institute’s expert company. Meeting this demand may not only be impossible for farmers, but also for environmentalists. Such high meat production could be a disaster for the climate. Therefore, it makes sense to use science for this purpose. For now, synthetic meat is more expensive than traditional meat, but producers believe that as its popularity grows, production prices will decrease.

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