What your company’s website should contain

What your company’s website should contain
Darrius Drew
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The ways in which websites are designed and the methods of doing business in the face of rapidly evolving technology have been changing extremely fast in recent years. The Internet is becoming the foundation of business, so your website must be of the highest quality.

Not so long ago, business websites only served as digital business cards with the most important contact information. You could find on them information about what the company does, see some pictures of advertised products and sometimes read some news. Today, a company’s website is really the heart of its network marketing. It cannot only inform – it must be visually appealing and cleverly designed to give the user the data he is looking for as quickly as possible. A good business website grabs attention and leaves the customer in no doubt about the company’s mission and the professionalism with which its employees approach assignments

The main goals of a good website

Apart from gathering various types of content, a business website serves many other purposes. From marketing to selling itself to branding the product and the employer. However, one of the primary functions of such a site is to build a customer base and generate sales contacts. Such an extensive digital business card is an ideal platform for this. Hiding extensive and interesting content in an area accessible only after registration, newsletters and contact forms – all these functionalities usually require the user to provide his or her e-mail address, and thus ensure the acquisition of leads, i.e. sales contacts. A business website is also used to increase online visibility and reach. By optimizing your website for SEO, you increase the chance of it appearing in search results among a wider group of users. With SEO, many potential customers will find their way to your site while searching for answers to their questions, even if they had no idea your company existed before

Branding and functionalities

Branding, as another task of your website, is extremely important to any marketing and sales efforts. Customers’ purchasing decisions are often driven by emotion. If the viewer can identify with your brand and its values there is a good chance that this will positively influence their decision to make a potential purchase. A company website is the perfect platform to present a full picture of your product and the brand and values it represents. One of these may be full user support, which is for some the primary criteria for choosing a particular service or product

A website is often the main hub between contractors and the tool that attracts existing customers. Thus, it can be a factor directly influencing the renewed interest in your products or services of the same people. If you run a larger company, it is worthwhile for your website to have a module supporting the recruitment of new employees. This is where you publish announcements about vacancies, training courses or supported fields of study. If you are sure of the opinions of your employees about the way the company works, you can place on this page descriptions of their personal experiences. This has an extremely positive effect on employer branding. In addition to employee reviews, you can also supplement your company page with testimonials and customer stories, as well as frequently asked questions. On your company blog or website, you can also include a tutorial on how to use your products or services.

Some tips on how to do this

A great many B2B and B2C companies have acceptable websites, but they don’t always meet the requirements of today’s users and search engines. Sometimes all it takes is a slight modification of the site, adding new content and refreshing the site layout. Unfortunately, some websites are so outdated in terms of technology, content and design that they require a complete redesign. The most important thing is to know your target audience. Knowing the preferences of your standard customer will allow you to personalize content and prioritize the most important information

Before implementing changes, it is worth checking the data from web traffic analysis systems, as well as consulting with existing users. According to the “customer is always right” principle, it is worth taking their opinions into account, even if from your perspective another solution is better. User interface optimization and user experience (Optimization of the user interface and user experience are crucial for the user’s comfort and, consequently, for their willingness to return in the future. The most important rule of thumb is simplicity of use of the site – all key features should be easy to find and intuitive. Never add work for the user, let the site itself guide them to the content they are looking for

Technology and unique design

Modern web users have very high expectations. Websites should load quickly, and when browsing on a phone or tablet, they shouldn’t feel any discomfort due to an unsuitable interface. Even four or five seconds for a website to load is often too long a wait, which is why technology is so important here. If your existing website is not responsive, slow to load, lacks a mobile view or even secure encryption, it’s worth thinking about designing it from scratch. This also applies to design, which is as crucial as the first impression. Too much text, a tabular layout, and a disorganized structure are things that scare away a good portion of potential customers

A modern website design reflects the level of management involvement in every element that creates the company’s image and, consequently, a professional approach to every project and client. Therefore, the design of a business website should be clear, and its color scheme should be close to that of your company’s logo – prominently displayed. Fonts, their sizes, subsequent text fields and buttons should be consistent and develop a certain concept established at the beginning of the design. Attractive design of a website is important for any company, in any industry.

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