Basic types of carton packaging

Basic types of carton packaging
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Cartons are undoubtedly one of the most popular, if not the most popular type of packaging. However, it is worth remembering that cardboard is not equal to each other and there are many different types of packaging on the market. Find out what are the basic cardboard packages and for what purposes each of them will work

What types of cardboard packaging can be found on the market?

Flap boxes

Unquestionably the most popular type of cardboard packaging is the flap carton. They are also the most universal of all types of packaging. So we can say that it is just a classic cardboard box. Moreover, with this type of cartons you can easily use such additional protections as tape or packing foil. They provide maximum comfort in transporting your goods

Folding cartons

The cardboard boxes are easier to fit to the goods packed in them than the classic flap cardboard boxes. They have different sizes and shapes, as well as additional protective elements. Although they are less universal than flap cartons, but if they are chosen properly, they ensure high quality of storage and transport even of delicate goods such as glass or porcelain

Archiving cartons

Archiving cartons, as the name suggests, are designed for archiving purposes, therefore they are an ideal choice for offices, archives and other similar facilities and institutions. They are ideal for storing various types of documents. Their size can be adjusted to the format of the documents, for example A4 or B5 and they have numerous compartments. They are usually opened from the top or from the side

Laminated cartons

Laminated cardboard boxes are very durable and resistant. They are ideal for transporting heavier items such as household appliances or furniture. They are distinguished by a material which is resistant to damage and soaking

Moreover, you can easily put an imprint on this type of cardboard boxes, therefore they are a great element of packaging and advertising. It is also a great convenience when it comes to labeling.

What else can the types of cardboard packaging differ from each other?

Cartons can also differ in several other elements. First of all the material of production can be different. Usually recycled paper, testliner (more durable, with a mix of recycled paper) or kraftliner (cardboard designed for direct contact with food) are used for the production of cardboard boxes

Another difference between various types of packaging can be the strength of cardboard determined by the FCT, ECT and BCT markings, the number of layers of cardboard, the grammage of cardboard and also the height of waves in the case of corrugated cardboard. Cardboard boxes can also vary in design, color, and pattern. No matter which one you choose, be sure to visit the cardboard packaging manufacturer’s website at

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