What licenses are needed to drive a forklift?

What licenses are needed to drive a forklift?
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It turns out that getting a forklift licence can significantly improve your chances of finding a well-paid job. Both in Poland and abroad people are looking for people who can drive such vehicles. What kind of licenses are needed to drive a forklift truck? Is it difficult to do them?

Why is it worth to do authorization for forklift truck?

There are unexpectedly many reasons why it is worth getting a forklift licence. Which are the most important and make this certification more and more popular?

Increased chances of better earnings

If you are qualified to drive a forklift truck you will improve your position in the labour market. This is the case both when you want to work in the country as well as when your professional future is linked to foreign travel. Additionally, in this case the ratio of the financial contribution to the potential benefits we can get is very beneficial. Price of such training is about 700 PLN. Compared to other qualifications that are attractive on the labor market, it is not a high amount.

Universal character of the course

In practice the course which provides qualifications to drive forklifts is quite universal. The acquired skills can be used in many positions. Above all in logistics, but this is not the rule. In addition, the course can be done in hours that suit us, which also affects its attractiveness – especially for people who have little time.

What qualifications do I need to have for a forklift?

What documents are required to drive forklifts?

Types of forklift licence

There are three basic types of licenses that allow you to drive forklifts. These will be:

  • III WJO: this is the lowest level of forklift licence that allows you to drive loaded, lift, tractor and lift trucks steered from a working level;
  • WJO II: the most popular category of licence, which is the one most people reach for. It allows you to drive any truck, regardless of its load capacity or arm reach. The permit in this case does not include trucks with variable range and specialized;
  • I WJO: this category allows you to drive all forklift trucks, including specialized and those with variable reach.

How long does it take to get a forklift truck licence?

A forklift course can take as little as two days to complete. What do I need to do to become certified?

Step-by-step procedure for obtaining a forklift truck licence

If you are applying for a forklift truck license, you will need to take a forklift course. It is important to pay attention to its program and whether it includes materials for students, such as tests to solve. It is essential that the course should end with an examination conducted by the Office of Technical Inspection. In addition, it remains to prepare for both the theoretical and practical parts of the exam. There is relatively little time to answer, so it is worth spending your time learning the theory. It is also important to practice maneuvers so that the exam requirements do not surprise you

Forklift truck driving exam

The exam is administered by the Office of Technical Inspection. The exam must be based on the forklift truck’s operating instructions and the actions that need to be taken before forklift trucks can be used. You must also be able to check the forklift’s technical condition, do a figure eight, drive it out of an obstructed space, and remove and put down a pallet from a rack

The exam is always conducted by two examiners and can last 1-2 hours. It usually takes place on the premises of the employer or the training company. The result is announced immediately after completion. As you can see: the exam is neither expensive nor complicated. In turn, its passing can be very helpful in professional life

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