Cooking in the 21st century – this is what modern gastronomy uses

Cooking in the 21st century – this is what modern gastronomy uses
Darrius Drew
Gastronomy/Manufacturing and machinery
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Modern cooking requires looking for new solutions and proposals. To attract customers to your restaurant must stand out quality and innovation of served dishes. Modern technologies allow you to prepare food in a completely different way than before. See what equipment is used by 21st century restaurants

Cooking with the sous-vide method

Sous-vide, from French means in a vacuum. This method of cooking food in a sealed plastic bag originated in America and was first described as early as 1799. It was rediscovered by French engineers in the mid-1960s. Nowadays the sous-vide method is experiencing a huge renaissance, thanks in part to the queen of Polish gastronomy, Magda Gessler, who highly recommends vacuum cooking in her programmes. The sous-vide method involves cooking food for a long time at low temperature, as for food preparation. Sous-vide cooking lasts from 60 minutes up to 48 hours and takes place at temperatures between 55 and 70 degrees Celsius, depending on the product being prepared. This best preserves the taste and quality of the product, as well as its nutritional value. At a time when consumers pay more and more attention to the quality and method of preparing food, investing in Hendi vacuum cooking equipment is really extremely profitable.

Cooking on a large scale

Hotel restaurants and breakfast rooms very often have to prepare large amounts of food. Unfortunately, this is often associated with a serious deterioration in the quality of the food being prepared. Inadequate kitchen equipment makes it virtually impossible to make breakfast for a large number of people, resulting in the first portions being cold before the next ones even come out of the kitchen. To avoid such a mishap in the gastronomic premises, it is worth buying professional equipment, which allows you to prepare huge amounts of food in a short time. For example, a tilting electric frying pan Stalgast allows you to prepare scrambled eggs from a hundred eggs in a very rapid pace. Also heating up food will be easier thanks to the use of such a pan. For the satisfaction of the restaurant guest the time of serving ordered dishes is extremely important, so invest in professional kitchen equipment for catering

Professional cooling methods

Unfortunately, many restaurants, following the patterns established in the PRL era, still use refrigerators designed for home use. Unfortunately, this is not a standard that allows you to really preserve the freshness, quality and above all safety of dishes for a long time. It is obvious that not everything is sold in the restaurant on the same day it was prepared. Storing food in a restaurant must be done strictly according to the rules set by SANEPID to keep it fresh and safe for customers. The restaurant kitchen should be equipped with refrigeration cabinets and industrial-standard refrigerators, which you can buy at

Running a catering establishment is a big responsibility. As the owner you are responsible for the satisfaction of your guests and the high quality of the food you prepare. They must be tasty, unique, healthy and stored in food-safe conditions. If your place is equipped with the right equipment, it is already half of the success. Make sure that to your restaurant wants to come back!

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