How are large enterprises using artificial intelligence in companies?

How are large enterprises using artificial intelligence in companies?
Darrius Drew
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Artificial intelligence is a rapidly growing field with a wide range of applications. It can be used in almost any sector, and is particularly helpful in industries such as medicine, transportation and banking. 

Many companies are using this type of solution, and more are getting into it. However, there are concerns that artificial intelligence will replace human resources in many fields. However, this is an unlikely scenario, at least in our time. Artificial intelligence is primarily an aid to humans. 

What is artificial intelligence and how can it be used?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that studies human behavior and mind, while creating systems that simulate human thinking. This means that AI, through insightful analysis and solving various problems, learns certain circumstances and new data, reacting as a human would. This technology is developing very intensively and is already available to a growing number of entrepreneurs, who are very eager to use it. It greatly enhances the efficiency of work in the company, thus often giving a competitive advantage in the market. Both huge enterprises and smaller companies are using it.

Where is artificial intelligence used? 

The use of artificial intelligence helps in the day-to-day work of the company, and introduces many conveniences and improvements. In what areas is artificial intelligence used?

  • In banking, the recommendation system is particularly appreciated, i.e. analyzing consumer behavior and selecting appropriate products based on it. AI is also used in stock market operations, risk estimation or even fraud detection.
  • Transportation is primarily using apps for drivers to help estimate arrival and delivery times. Autonomous cars and even buses and trains are also emerging.
  • In customer service and telecommunications, chatbots, which simulate a conversation, are a huge improvement, increasing the efficiency of companies, resulting in big savings.
  • In medicine, too, chatbots can be used for diagnostics, in addition to AI helping to monitor at-risk patients, keep records or even predict diseases. In addition, robots have already been created to perform surgeries, which minimize the risk of complications thanks to their extreme precision. Robots that enable remote diagnosis and real-time monitoring of patient conditions are also available.
  • In commerce, artificial intelligence is helping to collect data about customers so that retailers can choose the most personalized offers for consumers. AI not only makes it possible to select the right products or loyalty programs, but also to match the best forms of payment and delivery.

Artificial intelligence – a solution with unlimited applications 

The listed industries are only a part of the possible applications of artificial intelligence. Many other sectors, such as education, energy or agriculture, also benefit from the solutions it provides. Due to its very broad application, it is now being used in many industries and is becoming more and more common. It will certainly become more and more common as technology develops, and large companies will not be able to do without it in order not to fall behind the competition.

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