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Linear conveyor - how does it work?

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Linear conveyor - how does it work?

In the wider industry, linear conveyors are increasingly used for all types of conveying and feeding. But how do they work and how can they speed up production?

Simple operation, big benefits

Feeders, or linear conveyors, usually work by vibration. Vibratory conveyors are used today in industries processing bulk materials. It allows to move the goods effectively and quickly inside the plant, emptying tanks, helps to pack the goods and measure the right amount of goods to the production line. They are indispensable in food, chemical and agricultural industries.

The mechanism of vibratory feeders is based on vibrating the feeder plane, which is oriented horizontally. These vibrations are induced by means of an inertial or electromagnetic drive, and thanks to the vibrations, the goods move along the line.

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