Noise reduction solutions for production halls

Noise reduction solutions for production halls
Darrius Drew
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Noise in the work environment is one of the health risks for workers. Therefore, more and more emphasis is placed on its reduction. We present some modern solutions, which can reduce noise in production halls.

Soundproofing rooms and walls

One of the ways of reducing noise in production halls is soundproofing rooms and walls through special buildings, for example using the offer of Noise can be reduced by using proper acoustic insulation of building partitions, such as ceilings or walls. What are the most effective methods?

Increase acoustic absorption

One of the most commonly used methods of reducing noise is to increase the acoustic absorption of rooms in production halls. How does this process work? In order to reduce the noise level, this method uses suitable materials and sound-absorbing systems which absorb a large part of the acoustic energy that falls on their surface, thus reducing the sound level in the room. The most important in this case is damping of the ceiling.

Acoustic screens

A proven method of reducing noise levels in industrial halls is also the use of special acoustic screens. What are they? Acoustic screens are obstacles which are in the way of the acoustic wave running from the source of noise to the recipient. They constitute a perfect solution in production halls, where many machines and devices work simultaneously. However, in order for such a screen to perform its function, there are several important aspects to keep in mind. First of all, the height and length of the screen should be adjusted to the source and recipient. Remember also that there should be no gaps along the length of the screen.

Soundproof booths

One of the most effective solutions for soundproofing rooms is soundproof booths. Such cabins should be characterized by high acoustic insulation and thin walls, which will improve the acoustic climate in the workplace. It is a solution which perfectly suits production halls, where a lot of noise is caused by machine engines, tractors, belt drive. Sound-proofed cabins can be very often used as silent rooms, which are supposed to protect workers against external noise. Another application of cabins can be sound-absorbing-insulating casings.

Such sound-absorbing-insulating enclosures are another way to significantly reduce noise levels. Their purpose is primarily to reduce the transmission of vibroacoustic energy from the environmental source. In practice, they can be divided depending on the implemented technological process, the type and principles of operation of machinery and equipment, as well as requirements for the needed acoustic insulation.

Silencing of machinery and equipment

A way to reduce noise in the production hall can also be silencing of equipment and machinery, which are the main source of noise. A butyl mat is used for this purpose, which eliminates vibrations and oscillations, and also has excellent thermal and sound insulation. Sheet metal or mineral wool is also often used to soundproof machines.

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