What should be included in the equipment of a transport truck?

What should be included in the equipment of a transport truck?
Darrius Drew
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Transport cars usually carry goods worth tens if not hundreds of thousands of zlotys. Such transport must be carried out impeccably, and for this it is necessary to have a comfortable driver and appropriate equipment of a car. Usually, transport cars and trucks have the necessary elements and facilities, but some of them need to be regularly replaced and serviced, which is not always enforced. See what you need to have on your truck to make sure your journey is safe and uncomplicated


A piece of equipment that is required by law is the tachograph. This gadget measures time and route covered by the car equipped with it. Thanks to it you can easily and precisely determine when the driver was driving, when he rested and when and how much he slept. Both trucks and vans must be equipped with a tachograph. This is because large vehicles on the road are a much greater danger to other road users than ordinary cars, and therefore their drivers must be in impeccable mental and physical shape. The European Union strictly defines the time for which a professional driver can drive a vehicle, and how much he must rest. Unfortunately, there are failures or intentional destruction of tachographs, by drivers who, for example, want to complete the route in a shorter time, at the expense of their rest. For this reason, every van and truck should regularly undergo a tachograph service, in order to exclude defects. An overtired driver in a huge truck is a threat to the lives of many people, because a passenger car has no chance in a collision with a speeding truck

A functioning air conditioning

A working air conditioner is not an extra luxury or whim. On highways it is hard to find shade, in summer the scorching sun can really hurt and reduce the comfort of the driver on the road, but it can also be a threat to health. Heat stroke or dehydration, resulting from too long in high temperatures are serious diseases that may even require hospitalization. The driver must be in good health, feel comfortable and have a sober mind, which is difficult in the cab of a transport car heated to 50 degrees Celsius. Each such car should be equipped with efficient air conditioning and factors for air conditioning, which ensure its proper and safe functioning

Body with thermal insulation

This equipment is absolutely indispensable in case of transporting medicines or foodstuffs, when the quality and usefulness of the delivered products depends on maintaining a certain temperature. Isothermal bodies ensure limited heat exchange between the external environment and the interior of the semi-trailer, thanks to which the cargo is kept at a suitable and relatively constant temperature. However, such a body is not suitable for transporting frozen foods, because the temperature range that can be maintained thanks to it, unfortunately, does not fall below 0 degrees.

Transport car is a tool for professional drivers, so it must be in perfect technical condition. A functioning tachograph and air conditioning ensure driver safety and comfort. Adequate rest and sleep are essential for transport to run smoothly. In turn, for the safety of the transported goods, equip the car with an isothermal body, which will allow to maintain the high quality of products.

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