CNC milling – characteristics of a woodworking method

CNC milling – characteristics of a woodworking method
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CNC milling is one of the two most popular and basic methods of woodworking. It should be used with special tools, which will allow to obtain the desired shape of the material. What else is it characterized by?

CNC milling – what does it consist of?

CNC milling, as well as CNC turning, is the most common and well-known method of woodworking, which allows to obtain the desired shape from a lump of raw material by cutting off its excess. The entire process is done using specialized tools called milling machines. It is enough to move them repeatedly on the surface of the material and thus remove successive layers, which will give the proper form to the processed part. The excess unwanted material is called chips, which are in the form of tiny wood particles cut off by the cutting tools during machining and are easy to remove on the fly from the cutting zone. Interestingly, CNC milling can be automated and thus achieve greater precision and repeatability of the process, which affects the quality and efficiency of work, and also makes it possible to create identical projects, one after another. Such effects cannot be achieved by putting the milling machine in human hands. In this case, computer control is the key to success.

During CNC milling a block of material is fixed on the table of the machine tool using professional clamping devices. Most often these are vices, thanks to which the block remains immobile during the entire process. This is an extremely important stage, because only in this way we can do this kind of work with high precision and accuracy. The cutting tool set in motion through the spindle of the machine has the task of machining and removing excess wood through the reciprocal movement of the rotating tool against the block of material fixed.

Features of CNC milling

The great advantages and also characteristics of CNC milling are precision, accuracy and productivity. Even the most complicated shape can be achieved with this type of machining. It is a very easy method and it can be further accelerated by using computer control. Moreover, milling is a very economical and at the same time extremely versatile activity, therefore it is widely used. This method is used in various kinds of production plants, because CNC technology has virtually unlimited possibilities

CNC milling brings with it many additional benefits. It significantly reduces production time and saves used material. It is perfect for unit, serial and mass production. Moreover, it is an excellent solution, which allows obtaining high dimensional and shape accuracy, as well as maintaining an appropriate level of roughness of the surface. The whole process is much faster and simpler than when using manual methods of material processing.

Why choose CNC milling?

CNC milling is popular for several reasons. First and foremost, it provides a high cutting speed and also gives you the ability to machine to a specific depth. For example, there is the possibility of 3D milling, engraving, contour cutting or groove gouging. In addition, this method allows you to use cutting tools of different sizes and allows you to cut materials with large thicknesses, which is of great importance for many manufacturing plants

CNC milling can be used in various industries due to the wide range of materials that can be processed, as well as the low cost of the entire process. It is worth using specialized companies that provide this type of service for years and know very well the needs and expectations of modern customers. In addition, they perform assigned tasks regardless of the complexity of the project.

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