How do you find qualified workers?

How do you find qualified workers?
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Recruiting employees is a difficult process for many companies for which a qualified and efficient team is important. Recruitment is often not the easiest thing to do, especially since the market is changing very dynamically. We suggest how and where to find qualified employees.

Start with a good medium

Currently, the main medium through which to find employees is the Internet. It forces employers to behave differently than in the past, when the search for employees was limited to passing an offer to the employment office or posting an ad on the board.

In order to find a new, qualified and valuable employee, the job advertisement should be well prepared. Too short and general description and excessive requirements will not encourage to submit a CV.

Online advertisements should be placed primarily in the most popular job portals. It is also worth betting on social media and your own website. The social media on which it is worth looking for suitable employees include, above all, Linkedin and Facebook.

Employment agencies

Leasing employees is very beneficial for employers because it involves an absolute minimum of formalities. Employers do not need to have a separate HR department to hire employees. Recruiting people from an external company allows for flexibility, as well as free changes in employment, depending on the current needs of the company. Employment agencies provide employees with competencies and education adequate to specific positions.

The Workafford employment agency, among others, deals with leasing of employees. More information is available at

Recruitment specialists

Often employers employ specialists to assist in the recruitment process. They may conduct psychological testing to help see if candidates are a good fit for the position. Counselors can also help recruit employees who meet specific requirements.

Properly conducted interview

When vetting candidates for a position, you don’t have to stick to the template questions that most people are familiar with when preparing for an interview. The most important thing for the employer should be why the candidate is not already working in a previous position and what are his/her expectations from the job. Side questions are also worth taking care of, but you should not expect very original answers from them.

The experience and education of the potential candidate is important, but you should also consider whether he/she will fit into the company’s profile. It often happens that even the most competent people are not able to get along with the team. In such a case, it is better to train a person with potential who will match our character.

Acquiring an employee is not everything

A qualified employee who knows his worth is worth his weight in gold. Therefore, it is worth creating such working conditions for him that he would like to stay in the company as long as possible. It is necessary to care for the development of employees, so the employer should guarantee a system of training, opportunities to improve qualifications or foreign language courses. It is also important that the employee knows that he has a chance for promotion and a better position in the company. If he puts a lot of work into his duties and yet will not have the opportunity to take a higher position, his motivation may decrease. Equally important is also the atmosphere at work, as well as a favorable contract and a salary adequate to the duties performed, in line with the competencies and education.

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