How to create a database in an enterprise?

How to create a database in an enterprise?
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Databases are proving to be extremely useful tools for many companies. Therefore, it is worth learning how to create them. Let’s also find out what characterizes a properly prepared database and why it is worth betting on it. 

Why are entrepreneurs so eager to use databases?

Entrepreneurs often use databases because they are extremely useful tools for collecting valuable information about customers or partners. Nowadays, many businesses are thriving. In order not to be left behind, it is advisable to use any means by which you can effectively manage your business. In addition, databases are very often used for marketing purposes. If we collect contacts to individual customers in them, we can use this data to plan various advertising campaigns. With a breakdown of customers and reliable information about them, we can take the right tactics of how to sell our products successfully.

It is very often said that the greatest value of a company lies not in its capital, but in the network of contacts and knowledge it has. Therefore, it is worthwhile to use methods such as the creation of databases.

What are the characteristics of a properly prepared database?

First of all, one should strive to ensure that the data collected is reliable and detailed. If the information we collect is of high quality, it can translate into corporate actions that will bring results. In addition, it is important to ensure that we can document the source from which we took the data we collected. RODO regulations require that we have proper consent to process personal data, and this should also be kept in mind.

A good database should also allow us to implement exactly what we devised for it. So, if we want to use it to attract new customers, it’s a good idea to match relevant information, such as the contact information of a person or company. In the case of dealing with contractors, it is worth collecting information on the capital they have or the number of people they employ, so as to be able to offer them cooperation that is most relevant to their needs.

How to create a database?

It is a good idea to create databases using well-known software, for which you can find many tutorials. An example of such a program is Office Access.

Databases are in the form of a table, in which each row is called a record, and each record consists of columns, or fields. As we have already mentioned, when creating a database, it is useful to first determine the purpose it is to serve. To create a database from scratch, you need to find the “New” item in Access under the “File” tab. Here you click on the “Empty database” option, name our database, choose the location of the file, and finally approve using the “OK” and “Create” buttons. Next, the tables and fields are established, and then the fields are filled with content. This option is best chosen when you have established requirements for a particular project.

Another option is to use the ready-made template that Access offers. This is because there are several templates installed in it. In addition, other previously prepared templates, can be downloaded from the Internet, for example, from the website.

Working in an Access database, it is possible to add more fields or tables, as well as to use many useful functions, such as application parts, creating queries or macros.

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