Recuperation – will it work in your company?

Recuperation – will it work in your company?
Darrius Drew
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In other words, it can be called mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. It was designed for the comfort of staying in a room. How will such a solution work in your company?

How does recuperation work?

Recuperation is an alternative to traditional gravitational ventilation. The heart of this system is a device called a recuperator. It has to perform several essential tasks. For this purpose there are four so-called connecting pipes

The first of them is called the intake and its task is to bring in cold air from outside to the recuperator. The next duct is the so-called exhaust. It, in turn, exhausts the used air from inside the building. Both of the above ducts are directed towards the outside. Inside, however, we find another two stubs – the supply and exhaust. The former brings to the interior already filtered and heated air. The exhaust collects the air which we have already used up

On the other hand, gravity ventilation pulls the already heated air outside, while bringing the cold inside. You can see at first glance that this is a completely uneconomical solution. You have to pay for heating the air, which will soon be sucked out and replaced by cold air anyway. You have to reckon with energy losses in this case, which can reach up to 60%.

Profitability of recuperation

Does it mean that after investing in recuperation you will save a lot? It depends on many factors, and the opinions of Internet users are divided on this subject. Some indicate that the greatest savings from recuperation can be counted on in buildings already designed as energy efficient. Others claim that installing recuperation has significantly reduced their electricity bills. Experts indicate that thanks to a well-chosen recuperation bills can be reduced by up to half and avoid 90% of heat losses

All these estimates, however, apply mainly to residential houses. Of course, nothing stands in the way of using the same technology, for example, in offices. However, the financial profitability of this investment and the amount of savings largely depend on the structure of the specific building. It is best to seek individual expert advice on this matter. It should be remembered that reducing bills is only one of the objectives of the recuperation. After all, non-financial issues can have an equally strong impact on the operation of a company.

Comfort of employees

Ensuring proper conditions for employees is the basis of operation of any company. How does recuperation help in that? Let us imagine the following scenario: a company produces computer software. It employs the best programmers and its headquarters are located on a representative (and thus very busy) city street. Come summer, it gets stuffy in the office, and the windows cannot be opened

Firstly, the noise would make it impossible to work, and secondly, suffocating fumes would enter the office. This leaves no doubt that programmers working in a stuffy office will by no means be at the peak of their productivity. The more exuberant ones may even change jobs. Air conditioning will partially solve this problem, but the stuffiness will still remain. If an employer wants employees to feel comfortable in the office, building recuperation will certainly improve that comfort.

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